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Oklahoma State Wrestling: Nick Piccininni Announces Transition to MMA

The two-time All-American joins several former Cowboys at AKA.



Two-time All-American and four-time Big 12 Champion, Nick Piccininni has announced he’s making the transition to mixed martial arts.

Piccininni announced via social media that he’s joining Zinkin and on his way to AKA where other former Cowboys Daniel Cormier, Kyle Crutchmer, and Jacobe Smith already train. 

Here’s what the Zinkin website says about its fighters.

Zinkin Entertainment and Sports Managment is known for identifying young athletes “that have what it takes” to become successful professional MMA fighters. Unlike most other management firms in the industry, Zinkin is willing and able to invest in its athletes to develop the necessary talents required to successfully compete and reach the pinnacle of the professional MMA arena.

Zinkin has recruited and trained many fighters from the collegiate and amateur ranks into champion level professional fighters including Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier.

A critical component of any professional fighter’s development is top level training. Zinkin is closely affiliated with the world famous American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) in San Jose, CA. Trainers at AKA include a host of renowned martial experts including Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Leandro Vieira, Derek Yuen, Javier Mendez, Andy Fong and Zinkin’s Bob Cook. Within AKA, a host of necessary disciplines and training techniques are taught.

American Kickboxing Academy is widely viewed as one of the most successful MMA academies out there.

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