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What Is Oklahoma State’s Basketball Ceiling In 2017?



This felt like it was going to be too long for a tweet, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts before the Cowboys take on the Baylor Bears in the No. 1 KenPom game on Wednesday night.

OSU is, ahem, the favorite on Wednesday against a top 10 team and the No. 1-ranked RPI squad in the country. I repeat, OSU is a one-point favorite according to the Wynn Las Vegas. Which sort of begs the question: What is this team’s ceiling?

Five straight wins with five of its final eight at home. Its current record in Big 12 play is 4-6. It has Iowa State, TCU and Kansas State on the road. Baylor, OU, Texas, Kansas and Texas Tech at home.

Am I crazy to think OSU is going to be favored in, like, six of its last eight games? Am I crazy to think OSU has a chance to finish 11-7 in the conference? Am I crazy to think this team could grab a 5-seed in the NCAA Tournament?

Maybe I am crazy, but consider this: OSU is scoring 1.55 points on possessions when it doesn’t turn the ball over in its last four games. That is outrageous. You could make the case that OSU and UCLA are the two best offenses in the country. Its defense is picking up. Its stars are starring. GIA is going to rock five more times this season. Lit, as the kids say.

I don’t know how this ends, but I like where it is headed. After losing six straight to start the Big 12, OSU is now the favorite against the No. 6 team in the country. Win two this week against Baylor and Texas, and you’re even up at 6-6.

KenPom predicts OSU will finish 9-9 in the Big 12. I think that could be about right. I also think the ceiling is higher. The ceiling is 11-7. Think about that. Starting 0-6 and finishing 11-1. Like those old Eddie Sutton teams, Brad Underwood’s 2017 squad seems to be gaining steam as the year goes on. Time for old GIA to help bring them home.

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