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Editor’s note

As you can see I’ve created a little recruiting icon over there to the right adorned with the faces of Mr. Walsh and Mr. Nash.

I’ve been in limbo for quite a while with what I should do to cover OSU recruiting, mostly because I don’t have the time to do it the way it should be done, partly because Go Pokes and Rivals already do it better, and maybe just a little because I’d rather rift on Peter Uihlein’s short game or what comparisons I see between Joseph Randle and Brian Westbrook.

So I think I’ve decided to not cover recruiting in this way: PFB will not be breaking news, interviewing high school athletes, or going next level on that 3-star receiver in New Mexico who Gundy has his eye on for the Class of 2014. That’s not why this blog was built.

There are plenty of others out there who can give you that info. We aren’t trying to out-Rivals Rivals. Plus we think the meat-market that is high school (and middle school!) recruiting is a pretty loathsome business to begin with.

We will however give our thoughts and opinions on where we think a certain recruit fits in at Oklahoma State based on his skill set and YouTube videos. We want to focus more heavily on the OSU side of things than the recruit’s side. Want to discuss what position Jurick will play and whether or not CJ Guerrero can swipe the starting PG spot from Reger Dowell (and where Fred Gulley fits in)? That’s what we’re here for.

So you can expect more recruiting stuff on PFB in the future, in fact that icon will link to a collection of all our posts on recruits, starting yesterday. Just don’t email me with a video of “the sickest seventh grade basketball player ever” and expect me to post it. Unless, of course, Travis Ford has a leg up on getting him. 🙂

I kid.

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