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Orange Power Studios Needed To Bring OSU To ‘Level Ground’



Oklahoma State has done a terrific job with its video production for the last few years. There is no denying that. But what has felt innovative and cutting edge might just be the status quo when it comes to Big 12 programs.

I didn’t realize that was the case. This behind-the-scenes video shows some of the folks in charge of Orange Power Studios which is the group behind the well-produced videos and promotions you enjoy on your phone or computer. One of them said the creation of OPS basically just gets their heads above water.

“Basically this just gets us on a level ground with a lot of other Big 12 schools,” said director Jeremy Davis. “A lot of them have had their own internal video departments for a while. This has kind of been in the making for several years here. It’s just been a matter of when the funds and personnel would be available.”

Well it has been great, and I’m excited about its future as well. Cheers to the folks grinding over video production and pumping out that #content for all of us to enjoy.

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