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Orange Pride girl wonders why SI never printed her response

One girl quoted in today’s Sports Illustrated responds on PFB.



In Friday’s Sports Illustrated article about sex, the writers seemed to make a pretty big insinuation with one of their paragraphs. Here it is…

Asked why she thought the head of a prominent football program would be interviewing potential recruiting hostesses, Ferguson says that Miles “just wanted to know our personalities.” Similarly, Kennedy Lewellen got an audience with Gundy before joining the organization in 2008. She recalls his asking her, “What would I say about OSU to try and make recruits come here?” (Lewellen, like Ferguson, told SI she never had sex with recruits.)

That’s it though. SI never printed Lewellen’s answer. The implication, from what I can infer about an article entitled “sex” is…well…you can read between the lines.

She emailed me tonight to tell me why.

Here’s her statement…

That said, I could say that Evans misquoted me, because he did. I could say that Evans led me to believe he agreed that I had provided a great service for OSU, because he did.

I could say that Evans mentioned how great the OSU campus was and to the best of my recall he gave me the impression that he had attended school there, at some time, because he did.

I could say that it wasn’t till after I had spent what seemed like, and could have been, almost an hour talking about all the wonderful things OSU has to offer and will have to offer in the future, that I left our conversation thinking how proud I was to have supported my school and how impressed he must be, because he acted that way.

I discussed with him how wonderful the campus is; how great the staff and faculty is; the great things that have happened to OSU in the past 10 years; how many renovations and new buildings were being built; how being a member of Orange Pride was a honor and something to be proud of.

The whole thing is ludicrous and doesn’t dignify a response. However, I do know why Mr. Evans chose not to print my answer (to Miles’ question)…..

Oklahoma State University gives students, faculty, alumni and campus visitors a great sense of family, tradition and legacy. Stillwater has a way of making everyone who visits “at-home.”

Oklahoma State has been blessed to have multiple generous contributions from the one-and-only, T. Boone Pickens. You don’t have to be a Poke to know of the Pickens’ legacy. Pickens’ gift remains the largest donation to a university’s athletic program in collegiate history. His contributions to Oklahoma State University have come to an estimated $500 million and counting. With the highest level of gratitude Oklahoma State University will continue to manifest success.

OSU fans are for life and once you become part of the “blood-orange” club, there is no point of return. In order to bleed orange one must whole-heartedly believe the following: I am part of a never-ending legacy, I am part of a University that holds tradition to the utmost level, and I am part of “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration”, the largest in the nation.

I will wear orange on game day, I will wear orange in Norman, Oklahoma, I know my University is home to “The Rowdiest Arena in the Country” and “The Madison Square Garden of the Plains”, also known as Gallagher-Iba Arena.

I know OSU is a force to be reckoned with, Stillwater is the powerhouse of Oklahoma, I believe in Pistol Pete, Bullet and doing the Cowboy Wave abd I will bleed orange and die a Cowboy. Finally, no one will ever steal my Orange Pride.

Loyal and True,
Kennedy Lewellen

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