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OSU Announces New $55 Million, Multi-Year Stadium Upgrades Plan

This is big time.



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Oklahoma State on Tuesday announced a multi-year, $55 million plan to upgrade Boone Pickens Stadium that will begin immediately and run during winter, spring and summer months so as not to interfere with OSU’s home schedules. The plan will start first with a focus on the north side of BPS for the first year.

“We already have one of the best stadiums in college football with a great home-field advantage,” said OSU athletic director Chad Weiberg in a statement announcing the upgrades plan. “The renovation will continue to modernize Boone Pickens Stadium and to maximize the fan experience and meet their evolving expectations.”

The first phase of construction will begin with removing seating treads and risers from the 200 level seats above the cross aisle as well as portions of the 300 level. New seating treads will increase leg room by six inches in an effort to maximize comfort while focusing more on the experience rather than increasing capacity and packing folks in like sardines. OSU also plans to add new lower vomitories that will align with the existing upper vomitories. Additional aisles will also be constructed as part of the plan to reduce the number of seats between aisles.

All bench seating will be replaced with the same contoured bench currently in place in the west end zone as further plans of the renovation. Several sections will also include replacement of bench seating in order to add permanent char-back seats.

But wait: there’s more!

OSU also plans to add wheelchair and companion seated to the upper cross aisle to be more accessible for handicapped and disabled people. Lighting on the entry level of the north side will be replaced with LED lighting as well.

The first phase of the renovation will conclude in late summer 2023, OSU said, and the second phase will begin following the final home game of the 2023 football season.

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