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OSU Breaks Record for Most Season Tickets Sold



Oklahoma State announced on Friday that fans had purchased 50,354 season tickets ahead of its Big 12 home opener against TCU. This surpasses the previous record of 50,223 set in 2013. In 2013, OSU fans also set a record of 98.2 percent attendance numbers which could also be in jeopardy with the hype surrounding this year’s team.

Cowboy fans bought out the season opener against Tulsa and with No. 16-ranked TCU coming to town, hurried to box offices earlier this week and bought up every remaining seat.

Here’s a look at the attendance numbers for the past five seasons.

Year Avg Attendance National Rank Big 12 Ranking Pct. Capacity
2017 56,790 29 3 100%
2016 53,814 35 5 89.4%
2015 57,668 31 3 98.8%
2014 54,387 37 5 90.3%
2013 59,126 31 3 98.2%

Of course, 2017 just reflects the Tulsa game but will remain at 100 percent capacity heading into Week 5.

With the next game in Stillwater being Homecoming, you can expect BPS to remain at capacity. Then you’ve got Bedlam — check. And home games against Kansas State and Kansas. If we can all pull together to make it to a Thanksgiving game against the Jayhawks in Week 12, the capacity record should be as good as broken.

The buzz surrounding OSU football is palpable. If this team is as good as it looks like it might be, this could be an all-time year, if not an historic one. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

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