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OSU career QB records

Outside of Weeden, who’s the winningest QB of the Miles/Gundy Era?



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I thought it would be fun to look at career starting QB records in the Miles/Gundy era. There have been 168 since Aso Pogi took over for Tony Lindsay in the Iowa State game in 2000 — I compiled starting QB records for all of them.

For a few of these games I just took the guy who played more of the game. Example: I don’t think Zac started against Florida Atlantic in 2007 but he played the majority of the game so he gets credit for the win.

Same for Clint Chelf in the 2013 TCU game. Most are just straight starter though. I gave Weeden the 2009 Colorado game (duh).

Aso Pogi: 3-12 (20%) — He split time until the Iowa State game at home in 2000. That lasted until Baylor and OU in 2001. Fields played more in both of those games so I’m giving him Ws.

Josh Fields: 19-9 (68%) — Went from Baylor in 2001 until the Cotton Bowl in 2003. Pretty great career. Beat OU twice!

Donovan Woods: 9-5 (64%) — He lasted from the UCLA opener in 2004 (he threw eight passes and we won!) until the Arkansas State game in 2005 when Bobby took over.

Al Pena: 0-5 (0%) — Lost all five games he started in 2005 while Bobby backed him up. Somehow threw 13 picks in 179 attempts that year. Context: Weeden threw 13 on 565 attempts in 2011 and 13 more on 511 attempts in 2010.

Bobby Reid: 9-8 (53%) — From Arkansas State in 2005 through Georgia in 2007 with five games to Pena in ’05 and one (A&M in 2006) to Zac. I’ll give the Bedlam loss in 2006 to Reid even though Zac played a lot.

Zac Robinson: 24-14 (63%) — Weird that he won as many games than Weeden. One of my favorite OSU players ever. I was bummed about the way his career ended.

Brandon Weeden: 24-3 (88%) — Didn’t even have to look it up.

Wes Lunt: 2-2 (50%) — He gets Savannah, Arizona, TCU, and Kansas State from last year.

JW Walsh: 7-2 (78%) — I gave Chelf the TCU game from this year. I bag on Walsh but his winning percentage is legit. Should probably be 8-1, too, with the Texas game from last year.

Clint Chelf: 9-2 (82%) — That OU game last year is killing him. He could easily be 10-1.

So of the QBs in the Miles/Gundy era that have started more than 10 games, here they are ranked by winning percentage:

1. Weeden
2. Chelf
3. Fields
4. Donovan
5. Zac
6. Bobby
7. Pogi

That’s pretty crazy.

I know some of this is misleading — Zac would have committed felonies to have the defense Chelf and Walsh have — but don’t discredit what the two of them have done.

It’s been incredibly impressive.

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