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OSU Coach on Emmanuel Ogbah: ‘I’ve Never Had a Player as Good as Him’



Emmanuel Ogbah is having an historic season. We’ve gone over this many times.

Despite being left off pretty much every midseason All-American team (even though he’s 5th in the country in sacks per game and 8th in TFLs per game), Ogbah recently told ESPN that he expects nothing less than to be great.

“I work way too hard to settle for less, that’s what I tell myself,” he said. “It comes from the hard work put in during the summer and spring. Running stadiums in the cold, cold air in your lungs … we only get 12 games [to play]. We want to win championships, we want to be the best, we’ve put in the work. It’s a pride thing, we’ve worked hard to earn this reward.”

Defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements noted that Ogbah is the best he’s ever had..

“I’ve never had a player like this who has continually gotten better and better and better,” said Clements. “His ability to take over a game, from a defensive end position, that’s something unique. The level he’s playing right now, I’ve never had a player as good as him.”

Pretty cool to hear from your position coach. And pretty obvious to see on the field. Depending on how the next few weeks, those title hopes Ogbah mentioned might rest on his incredibly broad shoulders. There’s nowhere else I’d want them.


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