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OSU Football Fall Practice Report: Grad Transfers Rounding into Shape



OSU wrapped up its tenth practice of fall camp on Wednesday in a two-hour, full-pads session. Mike Gundy and other players, including Mason Rudolph, talked about progress made in camp, thoughts on landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated and more.

Here’s an update with three things you need to know as OSU inches closer to the start of football season.

Gundy praises progress as Cowboys enter “most difficult part” of preseason

With camp quickly nearing the halfway point, Gundy noted that the Cowboys are hitting the most difficult part of the preseason with long practices and fatigue now becoming a factor, but he likes where they’re at as a team and feels good progress has been made.

“We’re in the most difficult part of preseason – practices No. 10 and No. 11 all the way up through about No. 18,” Gundy said. “It was a padded practice and a long practice. It was very competitive on both sides and the guys are doing a great job and their attitudes are great. We’ve got a long ways to go, but we’ve made great strides in the past two weeks. I like where we’re at right now and we’re going to keep moving forward.”

In addition to a lighter practice load due to new NCAA rules, Gundy added the mild weather has been a positive for OSU in camp.

Offensive tackle Aaron Cochran rounding into shape

Cal graduate transfer Aaron Cochran is competing for the starting job to replace Victor Salako at left tackle, and even with a small window to learn the offense, Gundy says he has progressed well to this point.

“Aaron’s doing very well. He’s getting half the reps with the 1s. I like that they’re working well together now. Their communication is better now … I think those guys [he and Adrian Baker] will be ready to go by the first game.”

Should Cochran earn the starting role, he’ll be protecting Mason Rudolph’s blindside. And QB1 says he’s been impressed with his ability to cut weight and pick up the offense as quickly as he has.

“Aaron is doing good,” Rudolph said. “He came in a little heavy but he’s done a great job this summer working out, cutting weight and getting stronger in the weight room. Coach Glass has done a great job with him. He’s very smart. He went to Cal, so he’s played college football for three years, so he picked up on our offense relatively quickly.”

Gundy and Rudolph talk SI cover

Mason Rudolph landed on the cover of SI on Wednesday, and the publication also picked the Cowboys as a College Football Playoff preseason team. Mike Gundy said the exposure was great for the program and praised the marketing of the university (and, indirectly, his mullet campaign) for the good PR they’ve received in the preseason.

“I think it’s another example of the marketing that this team has provided to this university,” said Gundy. “The players have done it and I did not visit with them about it today because I’m guessing they don’t know. For Oklahoma State to be one of four covers nationally, and for them to think enough about our football program and our players to put them on the cover, is a big deal, so we’re very proud of that. There’s a lot of hard work and effort that has gone into it. Our guys should take pride in that, as well as the guys that have been here over the last 12 years. They’re a part of this. It has been a long process for us to get to the point where people across the country are saying that they respect Oklahoma State football. We’ve got a long ways to go. I’ve said that. We’re another eight or 10 years away from establishing what I would call tradition. The sort of national exposure and tradition. I would certainly say that we’ve made some great strides and the people that have been involved with this run should be extremely proud.”

Rudolph admitted he hadn’t yet seen the cover (which media on hand promptly fixed), but said the national attention is a plus.

“It’s good anytime we get some national attention, which we have lately, so it’s good for us and good for the program.”

21 more days, folks.

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