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OSU Football Got Fiesta Bowl Rings, and They Are Spectacular

Have mercy, these are wonderful.



Photo: Desirae Ford/Twitter

Oklahoma State handed out rings to players for its 37-35 Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame from New Years day, and they are — as the kids would say — lit.

Desirae Ford, the mom of OSU defensive end Trace Ford, shared a few pics of the jewelry on Twitter this week, and the quick view of them are pretty great. Here she shared a side pic and a front pic. Really clean.

The devil is of course in the details, and of course the details are magnificent. First of all: How cool is it that the ring is literally in the shape of a football? Fabulous touch.

Photo: Desirae Ford/Twitter

But my favorite detail of all is on the side. The last name is plastered on one side along with the player’s number. There’s also a cool little saying if you zoom in that reads: “WE’VE GOT A LOGO TOO.” The quote is a pull from Gundy’s postgame celebration on the field where he was riding shotgun in the PR machine for his football program. In the moment, it was a pretty great little moment.

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