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OSU has 7-6 record under Gundy off bye weeks

Mixed bag for the Pokes coming off bye weeks under Mike Gundy.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I read this AP story this morning about whether or not a bye week before the TCU game was a good thing for OSU. I thought the headline was kind of silly but the quotes were somewhat interesting.

To wit…here’s what Gundy said:

“There are so many bye weeks now, I don’t know what to do any more. Do you keep them here, do you practice over the weekend, do you let them go? We used to have one bye week, now we got three. I’ve never been a big fan of it. I guess we watch ourselves, evaluate how we play in this next game. We have a plan of what we think is best, but we’re running into so many bye weeks now, I don’t think anybody knows what’s best.”

“When you play bad, you think about why it happened,” he said. ”So, can you blame it on the bye week? I don’t know. You certainly document what happens to you during your season and you go back and look, and if there’s some consistencies, then there should be some changes. But there needs to be more reference points before we make a change.”

Based on the quotes I wanted to see how OSU fares under Gundy coming off bye weeks, especially against what it was expected to do (aka: the point spread).

Here is OSU’s historical record when coming off bye weeks in the Gundy Era complete with quotes and some familiar names…


Loss to Colorado at home, 34-0 — After the game Gundy said “We are not very good at what we are doing on offense, but in the long run we feel like it is going to give us the best chance to win games in the future. We just have to get better at it.” OSU had 208 offensive yards that game. 208!

Win vs. Texas Tech at home, 24-17 — Not a game the Pokes should have won. They’d lost five in a row coming in. Mike Leach: “They hit harder than we did. They ran faster than we did. They wanted to win the game more than we did.”


Loss at Kansas State, 31-27 — Josh Freeman was 10-15 for 177 yards and zero TDs and somehow it was enough. Vance Bedford said “I have to put that on myself. I have to do a lot better job of getting guys ready to get the job done.” I think he probably said this a lot.


Loss to Texas at home, 38-35 — I can’t even look at this game. OSU was up 35-14 going into the fourth quarter.


Win vs. Troy at home, 55-24 — Dez had six for 118 and three TDs. That’s all you need to know.

Loss to OU at home, 61-41 — The Bradford Helicopter game. Jermaine Gresham had nine for 158 and two TDs. I was at this game — OSU trailed 44-41 late in the fourth before OU pulled away. I thought the spell would be broken that night.


Win at A&M, 36-31 — Gundy went for it on 4th and 1 this game and said this after the game: “That’s a running play we work a lot, we’ve run it 500 times the last two years. We just wanted to control our own destiny.” Also, Ryan Tannehill had a two-point conversion as the placeholder for A&M. Weird.


Win vs. A&M at home, 38-35 — Jerrod Johnson had five TDs and four picks. Dan Bailey: “It was a roller coaster for sure. I thought maybe they were going to get a game-winning attempt. But our defense stepped up and made a big play and we got a chance to win it.”


Win vs. Kansas at home, 70-28Gundy, perfectly: “It was pretty efficient. Some days, things just work, you know? You hit a golf ball and it hits a tree limb and bounces back in the fairway.”

Win vs. OU at home, 44-10 — The greatest win in school history.


Loss vs. Texas at home, 41-36 — The fumble-gate game (the first of apparently many for Texas). Mack Brown after the game: “We needed to go on the road, we needed to win against a team that had beaten us twice in a row, we needed to win against a team that had won more games than anybody in the Big 12 the last two years and we needed to win at a place where they hadn’t lost for the last two years.”

Win at Kansas, 20-14 — One of the worst games I’ve had to sit through in the Gundy Era. It was the dawn of the carbon fiber helmets, though, which was nice.


Loss at WVU, 30-21 — I think this is the only game on the list OSU was favored to win but didn’t.

All in all a pretty mixed bag. It’s a small sample size but OSU has won one game it shouldn’t have (Tech at home in 2005), lost one game it shouldn’t (WVU this year) and everything else has pretty much gone according to form (or the point spread).

OSU is a 6.5-point favorite this week. If Gundy’s coaching history is any indication, they should take care of business.

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