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OSU is 40-1 to win national title

Oklahoma State is 40-1 to win it all — you’ll be surprised at who’s ahead of them.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

We’ve talked a bit about Big 12 title odds but still haven’t mentioned updated national title odds on here.

When the odds were initially released (back in January or Februrary) OSU was 30-1 to win it all which I felt like seemed a little low for a team who didn’t know (still doesn’t know?) who it’s starting QB would be. Those odds have gone up though (as they should have) and the Cowboys are now 40-1 to win it all.

Here’s a look at the teams in front of and behind them (all odds courtesy of Bovada[1. I’ve seen OSU at 50-1 also, namely here, but Bovada has them at 40-1.]:

The favorite

Alabama: 5-2

The other favorites

Ohio State: 6-1
Oregon: 15-2

Fringe favorites

Georgia: 15-1
LSU: 15-1
Stanford: 16-1
Louisville: 18-1
A&M: 18-1
FSU: 20-1
South Carolina: 20-1
Texas: 20-1

The WTF do we do with them group

Clemson: 25-1
Florida: 25-1

Long shots

Miami: 33-1
Michigan: 33-1
Nebraska: 40-1
Oklahoma: 40-1
Oklahoma State: 40-1
USC: 40-1

Longer shots

Notre Dame: 50-1
UCLA: 50-1
TCU: 66-1
Wisconsin: 66-1

And that’s everybody better than 100-1.

Ok, before you freak out about Texas at 20-1 just remember Texas has a lot of really stupid people with really stupid money which they’re throwing down on the Horns every year. Vegas’ job isn’t to correctly predict who will win the thing but rather to get pretty much the same amount of money on both sides as to eliminate its risk and clean up on fees.

Texas actually opened at 30-1 (same as OSU) then went in the opposite direction. And no, I have no idea who’s betting on David Ash to win it all.

I’m also a little stunned at OU being 40-1. I mean who out there legitimately thinks OU is running the table — or I guess I should ask who out there with enough money to keep a line at 40-1 thinks OU is running the table?

I think OSU at 40-1 is more than fair. I’ve seen us at 50-1 as well and would be all right with 55-1 probably. Anywhere from 35-1 to 55-1 is totally fair for (maybe) the best team in (definitely) not the best league this season. Anybody in the Big 12 has tons of work to do to get to Pasadena, the Cowboys included.

Lastly, how about Bama at 5-2?! In the crazy volatile world of college football, a team whose QB has one of the worst things I’ve ever seen tattooed on his chest is nearly a 2-1 favorite to win the national title. It really is Nick Saban’s world and we’re all just hanging out in it.

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