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OSU Leapfrogs OU in College Football Playoff Rankings, Moves to No. 9

The Pokes are moving on up.



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

A hectic weekend in college football, as it turns out, was a good thing for OSU football. Just not as good as OSU fans might’ve hoped for.

On the heels of a dominant win over TCU and chaos throughout the rest of the sport, the Cowboys moved up only one spot in Tuesday’s College Football Playoff rankings to No. 9, the highest among all Big 12 teams. OU dropped five spots to No. 13.

The No. 9 ranking in this week’s update is the lowest any team in the playoff’s history has been ranked during the season but still made it into the four-team playoff. That was Michigan State all the way back in 2015. (So you’re saying there’s a chance!)

“I think we all see the same thing with these guys,” said ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit. “They play defense with Jim Knowles all year. And Jaylen Warren’s become their offense. If Spencer Sanders takes care of the ball, Oklahoma State’s a tough out.”

At the top of the rankings it was largely the same. Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State held steady in the top four of the committee’s rankings. Cincinnati, Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame comprised the 5-8 spots ahead of the Pokes.

Big 12 teams, ranked

OSU: No. 9

Baylor: No. 11

Oklahoma: No. 13

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