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OSU likely to play Cotton Bowl

Who’s it gonna be?



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Here’s how the Big 12 bowls will go:

Baylor to the Fiesta, Texas to the Alamo, OU (probably) to the Sugar, and OSU to the Cotton.

If the Sugar passes on selecting OU and picks Oregon instead then OU would probably take Texas’ Alamo spot since it went to the Cotton last year and OSU and OU finished with the same record and would travel similarly.[1. Settle down OU fans, I’m not saying they travel similarly in general but BECAUSE OU just played in the Cotton, it’s tough to see a repeat there, I could be wrong though.]

I didn’t really think the Cotton was an option for OSU but I didn’t know OU would get a BCS bid and I forgot Texas was going to be 8-4 with a Baylor loss. 8-4 is not Cotton-worthy.

As for OSU’s opponent in Dallas, it’s probably going to be Mizzou or LSU. CBS says LSU and this guy (a Mizzou beat writer) says Mizzou:

Personally I’m praying for LSU. Les-Gundy would be all-time and, who knows, Les might pull a 2004 Alamo Bowl game because he’s in talks with Texas.

As for why, this is a great answer.

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