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OSU Needs 10,921 Attendees at Iowa Dual to Break Record Season Average

OSU could break a 17-year record with a good showing against Iowa.



I’ve been tracking the average attendance at wrestling duals this season and OSU has set itself up for a shot at breaking a record for its highest average over a full year.

After that first writeup on the record average, attendance dipped a bit in the final three home duals and here’s where OSU stands now.

Opponent Attendance
Wyoming 3,215
Bedlam 6,836
Iowa State 4,915
Northern Iowa 2,805
Lehigh 2,842
Air Force 3,760
Iowa ?
Total 24,373 Total Number needed to break record 35,294
Current Average 3,481.9 Number Needed in Iowa Dual to get 35,294 10,921
Record Average 5,041 Average to break record 5,042

The average numbers have been tracked all the way back to 2002. Just two years prior to that the arena capacity was only 6,381. Tracked attendance numbers don’t go back any further that I’m aware of. But with the smaller arena the natural assumption is the record was not higher and this would be an all time record average. There’s really no official way I’ve found to confirm.

Here are the numbers from the last four home duals where OSU wrestled Iowa.

So OSU would need 4,112 more in attendance on Feb. 24 than it had its last meeting at home against Iowa to break the record.

It’s certainly feasible.

They put Gundy in a singlet a few years ago and set a Gallagher Iba record vs. Penn State with 14,059.

Who knows, maybe Gundy will take his talents to Twitter again to give the Cowboys a boost.


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