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Top 10 Comments: More Video Board Suggestions, What-Ifs, and 2018 Football Thoughts

Of course we’re curious if OSU will use its new video board to distract opposing kickers. Can you blame us?



By: Grant Newton

It is GAME WEEK. Before we dive into this week, however, we need to recap last week’s Top 10 Comments.

1. On Utilizing That MONSTER Video Board to distract opposing kickers

cott: Super up close shot of the kickers own face. Make him see the stress he’s dealing with personally. (17 upvotes)

This is great. I definitely think that video-board shenanigans have the potential to change the trajectory of NCAA in-game distraction policies. But, if this from Minnesota didn’t cause any changes, I’m not sure what will:

2. On Oklahoma State’s Offensive Line in 2018

rod: The departure of Wickline and the comedy of errors (bad coaching hires, awful recruiting, injuries, etc), underscore just how talented our skill players have been these past few years. I’m a little over with the comparisons to 2014. I liken this year to 2010.

And while I’m at it, I’m going to go full tilt choking on orange kool aid here. I’m going to look at Mason’s year the way I look at Peyton Manning’s year at Tennessee. We all know how prolific a year Peyton had while at UT, but he never won a championship that year. His senior year, the Vols went 11-2, losing in season to No 1 Florida and a bowl game to Nebraska (go Big XII)!

In 1998, the Vols were expected to have an off year with the departure of Peyton, AND of NFL drafted receiver Marcus Nash. In comes Tee Martin, a run/pass guy who emerged and began to hit his stride in the third game of the season. The won a couple of close calls, and continued building momentum until that ‘dropoff year’ team went 13-0 with a national championship.

All in until proven otherwise! 😉 (13 upvotes)

Rod, Rod, Rod. I like the enthusiasm. But, I hesitate to envision a 13-0 season from a team that gave up 62 to the Sooners, 42 to the Cyclones, and 45 to a Bill Snyder offense just the year before. I do think the Pokes will have more success than many believe, but I would tamper expectations, and be excited about a 9-3 or 10-2 regular season in 2018.

3. More On Using the Video Board to Distract Opposing Kickers

RyanB: In regards to the video board distraction. Wait till the biggest kick in the biggest game to pull out the distraction, because it will be illegal shortly after. Might as well make it count. Get ready Texas, if you couldn’t handle the paddle people, you are going to HATE the new video board. (10 upvotes)

OSU killed the BCS, and maybe the RPI? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move like this end video board distractions either.


In response to Zombie Willham’s comment (#7) below

James: Well he wouldn’t have anyone to fly it, no fuel, no airstrip. But assuming there was ammo and it was properly positioned he could have utilizing the gunner positions to have devastating impact on Wellington’s forces. As a result we would all be French citizens today. (9 upvotes)

Well, at least our World Cup viewing experience would have been a lot more fun.

5. MORE on That Monster Video Board

Randy Brand: What about The Rant gif with Gundy holding up the newspaper with the headline reading Texas Sucks? (8 upvotes)


Image result for Mike Gundy im a man im 40 gif

6. On Emerging Receivers for the Pokes in 2018

Brian Cassens: I wanna see Jelani Woods catching over the middle and trucking safeties. (8 upvotes)

Jelani is listed at 6′ 7″ 251 lbs. I would love to see this on 3rd and 8 once a game.

7. On What if Ronald Jones II wore an OKState Uniform?

Zombie Willham: What if Napoleon had a B-52 at Waterloo?(7 upvotes)

Didn’t think an internship at PFB would result in my learning of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington. But hey, I’ll take it.

8. On What Worries the 3-Kyle’s about OSU’s upcoming season


me: We have talent returning or really great young guys coming in to take over new roles, the offense should be awesome, the defense can’t be any worse than last season. I see no reason why we couldn’t get to 10 or 11 wins this season, we should be great!



The constant battle of optimism and realism!! Lokeasy, I’m not sure how long you have been an OSU fan, but through my experience, albeit short compared to many readers, its always better to lean towards the realism.

9. On the New Look for PFB’s Website

Luke Coffey: New update looks awesome guys! (6 upvotes)

If you haven’t had a chance, take a look at the throwback PFB websites and logos. The old logo from V3 and V4 is pretty sweet, I’m not gonna lie.

I love the new site. I think the best new feature is the ability to read long-form articles quickly and easily with the tightened-up text.

10. On QB Pledge Brendan Costello

tomg: Costello’s comments are the reason oSu should recruit nationally. Too many players like Mason Rudolph who don’t get offers from local powerhouses (Clemson or South Carolina) make fine Cowboys. A kid from southern California promoting the fact Oklahoma doesn’t have NFL teams is the opposite of what many oSu fans think. (6 upvotes)

For some context, here is Costello’s quote: “It’s been my dream to play big-time college football, and OSU just had the No. 1 passing offense in the country. Mike Yurcich has been there six years, it’s a great place to be. No NFL teams out there, so it’s OSU and OU fans, it’s a great environment, it’s big time college football and I’m really excited to be going out there.”

I couldn’t agree more. I think Oklahoma State fans underestimate the nationality of our football and basketball program. However, it’s much more worrisome if our recruiting staff underestimates the brand they are selling!

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