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OSU wins Regional, now what?

Super Regional in Stillwater? Maybe…



Update: Everything I wrote originally is incorrect (well, except the part about how OSU beat Cal State Fullerton…that still happened)

Oregon State and UC Irvine play tonight. If Oregon State wins, the Cowboys head to Corvallis. If UC Irvine wins, Oklahoma State WILL host the Super Regional. 

I originally thought the two teams would have to bid on it but because OSU was a No. 1 seed and already hosted, it would automatically host the Super Regional.

My fault on that. The whiffff.

Anyway, go Anteaters.

OSU beat Cal State Fullerton 6-4 in Stillwater on Sunday night to advance to the Super Regional for the first time since 2007. It was the first regional OSU has won in Stillwater since 1993 (how is that possible?)

Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what happens next.

Oregon State and UC Irvine play later tonight. If Oregon State wins, they play again tomorrow. If Oregon State wins that, the Cowboys head to Corvallis for the Super Regional.

If UC Irvine wins either of those, then it gets weird.

Here’s what the NCAA says about whether or not Oklahoma State will host.

“National seeds cannot meet each other in the super regional and are guaranteed to host. If the national seed in the bracket is eliminated in the regional stage, the super regional will be bid upon by the two competing teams.”

Oregon State is the national seed here so they would be out of the picture.

So it would either be at UC Irvine (a No. 3 seed) or at Oklahoma State (a No. 1 seed). And the NCAA is going to decide. So that should be fun and not biased at all.

Basically we’re all UC Irvine fans right now and hoping for the best after that.

One thing I loved from tonight: OSU’s celebration was so business-like, like “screw this, we want Omaha” — I thought Holliday was going to come out of his pitching jacket yelling thank yous to the fans, but his team was subdued.

A few screams and then a line of fist bumps. Exactly what the Big 12 champs are supposed to do.

Also, this is incredible:

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