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OSU Wrestling: Both Bedlam Schools Have Put Up Some Impressive Numbers

A look at the staggering accolades produced by OU and OSU wrestling.



As we continue through the week leading up to the Bedlam wrestling dual on Sunday I’m going to take a few unique looks at different things within the rivalry.

Today I’m going to go by the numbers and look at some of the remarkable stats these two programs have put together over the years.

Stat Oklahoma State Oklahoma Combined
NCAA Team Titles 34 7 41
All-Americans 467 274 741
Individual NCAA Champions 142 67 209
Team Conference Titles 53 23 76
Individual Conference Titles 287 185 472
Olympians 41 20 61
Olympic Gold Medals 13 3 16
Olympic Silver Medals 3 2 5
Olympic Bronze Medals 2 0 2

Though OU’s certainly fallen on hard times, and in fairness the Cowboys haven’t won a team title since Penn State and Cael Sanderson began their reign on college wrestling, the history and tradition of these two programs is unbelievable.

Yes, that’s 741 total All-Americans! There are currently 80 All-Americans crowned at the NCAA tournament each year and if that has been the standard for the history of the tournament (Honestly, I don’t know if it’s always been that way) it would mean that over 10 percent of all of the All-Americans ever crowned in the sport of wrestling came from the flagship universities of the state of Oklahoma.

And 209 individual champions over 88 NCAA tournaments means nearly 24 percent of all the NCAA champions crowned at the NCAA tournament wrestled at OSU or OU!

With most of the history of these two schools being in the same conference they’ve won their conference a combined 76 times. Meaning in the 104 year history of Oklahoma State Wrestling (all of those years didn’t necessarily include a conference tournament), OSU or OU accounted for the conference title over 75 percent of the time.

OSU ranks No. 1 in individual champions and the Sooners come in at No. 4. This visualization by Ross Bendik shows how that’s happened over the years.

The Cowboys rank No. 1 in overall team titles and the Sooners rank fifth.

It’s really just remarkable to see the influence and tradition that these programs have in the sport of wrestling.

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