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OSU Wrestling: Could All-American Geo Martinez Receive a Medical Hardship and a Sixth Year?

The rule says that the injury must have occurred prior to the second half of the season.



All-American Geo Martinez began the 2017-2018 season as the starter for the Cowboys. Eventually he was injured and missed the rest of the season. After the injury Boo Lewallen took over as starter and become an All-American. After taking a closer look at it, Martinez might be eligible for a medical hardship waiver.

Here are the rules on medical redshirts.

The rule says that the injury must have occurred prior to the second half of the season. This injury did. The last match he wrestled in was in the Wyoming dual back in December and the season started in November and ended in March.

It also says that the wrestler can only have participated in 30 percent of the institutions scheduled “dates of competition”.

Here is what Geo wrestled in that is listed on the Cowboys schedule. He wrestled in the North Carolina dual, the Journeyman Classic, the Minnesota dual, the NDSU dual, the UNC dual, and the Wyoming dual. That is six of the 20 events listed on the schedule and only 30 percent of which would definitely make him eligible for the hardship. He did participate in two open tournaments which could throw a wrench in that because it would make it eight events he participated in out of twenty two total, but neither were a part of the actual schedule for the Cowboys. They were open tournaments, so I don’t believe they would apply. Even if they did that would throw all the other open tournaments that he didn’t compete in into the calculation. Also the wording on the rule is “Dates of competition” and with that there was a three-day tournament and two, two-day tournaments, along with the other open tournaments he didn’t wrestle in. If you added in all of those potential “dates of competition” the total dates would be at least 27 and with the eight dates he participated in he would still be eligible for the hardship waiver even if they do count his two open tournaments.

Based on all of that I do believe he could get the hardship if he and the school apply for it. There’s no certainty that’s something he wants to do, but I’m sure he made the move to OSU to win titles and he could be a big piece of the 2020 team if he does come back.

Now the question becomes how could this impact the Cowboys?

It could be huge for them and here’s why. As mentioned there was a log jam at 149 this year and still will be next year possibly, but Geo was really the only true 49 on the roster. Boo Lewallen came up from 141 and was a little undersized, same with Tristan Moran. Really any of these three would be great at 149 the next two years and you could even throw Kaden Gfeller in as a factor here, so really 149 isn’t an immediate concern though if he turns out to be the best of that group and is back for two years that’s obviously great.

157 is a bit concern the next two years, specifically the additional year Geo would get, and of those four that could start at 149 Geo is the only one with the size to go up to 157 in my opinion. Joe Smith is going to try for 157 next year, but it’s no certainty that he can make the cut, so Geo could bump up and contend with Jonce Blaylock for the starting spot if Joe doesn’t get down.

The following year, which would be the additional year he gets with the hardship, is where it would be absolutely huge to have him. Jonce Blaylock, Chandler Rogers and Jacobe Smith will have graduated, so even if Joe Smith goes 157 next year you have to assume he will go 165 his senior year with the two All-American’s above him graduating. With an additional year for Geo he almost certainly bulks up to fill that 157 slot. At that point OSU goes from having either a very undersized 157 with one of the other 149’s bumping up, or maybe even a freshman. as the starter to having an All-American that truly has the size to wrestle at the weight.

The Cowboys would then have a lineup of six All-American’s from 125-165 with superstar recruits at 174 and 285 and would probably be the favorite to win a team title that year.

All indications are he would qualify for the medical hardship waiver and it would be huge for the Cowboys if he applies for and is granted it.


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