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OSU Wrestling: Cowboys Ranked 4th in WIN Magazine Preseason Rankings

Seven individual OSU wrestlers are ranked.



On Friday, WIN magazine released its preseason rankings and here’s how things shook out for the Cowboys.

133Daton Fix2Sophomore
141Kaid Brock9Senior
149Boo Lewallen4Senior
157Wyatt Sheets8Junior
165Travis Wittlake4Sophomore
174Anthony Montalvo8Sophomore
184Dakota Geer9Senior

The No. 1 thing that jumps out here is the weight move for Anthony Montalvo and Dakota Geer. Montalvo, who was the starter at 184 last season is now listed down at 174, and Geer who was up at 197 last season, is now listed down at 184. I haven’t heard if anything official has been decided on that, but there has been some buzz out there that it is a possibility that those two will make that cut. Montalvo is ranked 8th with Geer ranked 9th.

Daton Fix is the highest ranked Cowboy at No. 2 at 133. This will be interesting to watch after the announcement came down this week about his USADA suspension. I don’t believe anything has officially been announced on the NCAA side, but traditionally it follows USADA suspensions. If it does that would mean Daton could wrestle the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments next season, but would not be eligible for most of the regular season.

The ranking has Kaid Brock returning to the lineup at 141 and bumping out Dusty Hone. He is ranked No. 9 and Boo Lewallen and Travis Wittlake are both ranked No. 4 at 149 and 165. Wyatt Sheets is listed at No. 8 at 157.

The Cowboys are ranked 4th as a team behind Iowa, Michigan, and Cornell. Here’s how the top five breaks down.

Rank.SchoolTotal RankedTop-8 RankedTPI Points
4.Oklahoma State7556

OSU is the highest ranked Big 12 program with Iowa State the only other school in the top ten at No. 6.

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