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OSU Wrestling: Preview of Cowboys vs. Minnesota in GIA on Sunday

The Cowboys wrestle their first dual on ESPN+



Minnesota comes to GIA on Sunday at 2 p.m. in what should be a pretty good dual. Here’s a quick rundown of the dual

Watch: ESPN+
Listen: 93.7

Projected matchups and breakdown

125-Nick Piccinnini vs. Patrick Mckee: Nick will be favored here, but Mckee is solid. He’ll put up a fight against the two-time All American, but Piccinnini will possibly look to pick up a little bonus here

133-Reece Witcraft vs. Brent Jones: Should be a good match. OSU is wrestling a true freshmen here who just made his debut last week. He lost last week, but this is a winnable one. Hopefully, he bounces back here.

141-Kaden Gfeller or Dusty Hone vs. Mitch Mckee: 141 and 149 are expected to be the marquee match-ups of the dual and this should be a good one. It looks like Kaden Gfeller may be back and may get the start, though Dusty Hone has been holding down the spot for the first few weeks. Minnesota has a good 141 and on paper you would probably favor McKee. Should be interesting to see how it goes.

149-Boo Lewallen vs. Brayton Lee: Another really good one. First big test off of injury for Boo Lewallen here. If he wins here then I think it really solidifies him as a contender to do some pretty big things this season.

157-Wyatt Sheets vs. Carson Brolsma: Sheets will be favored here. Really needs to win these types of matches this season to solidify a spot at the NCAA tournament and a decent seed.

165-Travis Wittlake vs. Bailee O’Reilley: This one for Wittlake will be similar to the one for Sheets. He’ll be favored, but you don’t want to see someone sneak up on him and pull an upset. Wittlake has looked really good so far in his first few times out this season for the redshirt freshman.

174-Andrew Shomers vs. Devin Skatzka: Shomers is probably going to be bumped up here again. This will be a tough one for him. Skatzka is a returning All-American.

184-Anthony Montalvo vs. Owen Webster: Another pretty solid test for Montalvo. He’ll be favored, but similar to Wittlake you really want to see Montalvo maintain his momentum from the first few weeks of the season.

197-Dakota Geer vs. Dylan Anderson: Geer will be a pretty solid favorite. The storyline to follow here is how good can he be up at 197 when he’s more of a natural 184.

285-Austin Harris vs. Bobby Steveson: Steveson is going to be the favorite here, but this is winnable for Harris. This is the type of match Harris needs to win if he’s going to build a resume to get an NCAA tournament bid.

OSU matches up well here and should win this dual, but Minnesota is a well-coached team. The Cowboys should come in expecting a fight.

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