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OU’s band gave a list of demands to its president

I cannot believe this is happening.



WARNING: This is not an Onion article!

Like any good hostage backed into a corner, members of OU’s band have released a list of demands to the president of Oklahoma, David Boren.

Apparently they’re very upset over the new band director Boren hired from Wisconsin and OU fans got very angry over what went down during halftime on Saturday at Owen Field — what, exactly, went down, I’m not sure.

Also, what are these demands? Higher per diem on the road? More Michael Jackson? Trade a tuba player for three Aggie band members to be named later??

Again, this is a real story.

This post from The Lost Ogle had me weeping with laughter over this entire situation. You should read it, watch the video, and delight in it with me.

And you thought the OSU QB situation was combustible!

My favorite part of the whole thing is how they’re trying to use the media to turn on their director. It’s a classic power play straight out of a mid 90s NBA handbook.

Stand strong, Boomer.

[hits button computer that numbs memory of Cowboys 4Ever].

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