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Pac-12 Network to Broadcast OSU



NCAA Football: Arizona at Oklahoma StatePhoto Attribution: US Presswire

Guest post here from my man, Porter Olson over at Athlete Anthem.

Before you set your calendars for the September 8 matchup between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the University of Arizona Wildcats, set your sights on August 15. That’s the day the new Pac-12 Network launches to a nationwide audience.

Pac-12 Enterprises, owners of the Pac-12 Network and the Pac-12 Digital Network will simultaneously launch both to more than 40 million cable television subscribers on August 15. The new sports network, comprised of a single national channel and six regional channels, will broadcast every Pac-12 football game and men’s basketball game, plus provide an unprecedented look inside the Pac-12 conference with around the clock programming.

In addition to the national channel, the regional channels include:

Pac-12 Los Angeles (USC and UCLA)
Pac-12 Bay Area (Stanford and California)
Pac-12 Oregon (Oregon and Oregon State)
Pac-12 Washington (University of Washington and Washington State)
Pac-12 Arizona (Arizona State University and University of Arizona)
Pac-12 Mountain (Colorado University and the University of Utah)

The national channel will focus on broadcasting the most exciting matchups each week, which is why the OSU-UA game will be shown to a nationwide audience. Both teams will benefit from the 10:30 p.m. start time, ensuring little other Saturday night competition as all eyes focus on the Cowboys and the Wildcats.

As the Pac-12 Network shores up further broadcast deals with DirecTV and Dish Network, there’s every reason to believe this game could be broadcast to a huge audience.

About the author: Porter Olson is a writer and content specialist for USDish, where he hope the Pac 12 channel will soon make an appearance.

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