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PFB Introductions: Kyle Boone



We recently had our summer meetings in Stillwater, and one of our takeaways was that we want to provide better background and insight into our writers as individual people. So we filmed some 5-minute interviews with guys you’ve probably been reading for years. Hopefully you’ll learn something about them and feel like you’re engaging with more than just an avatar on a page.

Next up, our head of recruiting and editor, Kyle Boone.

Boone’s bio: I’m a writer by trade and an entrepreneur by training. When I’m not working, you can usually find me in one of three places: at the lake, on the basketball court, or at the gym – but almost always in reverse order. I have a wonderful wife, Lacey. We met in college, married in 2016 and now live in Tulsa. We are proud #dogparents to a spoiled rotten mini schnauzer, Parker.

Porter’s take: Hiring Kyle Boone is the smartest thing I’ve ever done for this site. He’s a tireless worker and a longsuffering soundboard for me. Him coming on board with us has been the catalyst for transforming a one-man blog into a real site and now a sports media company. I value his insight as it relates to the long-term health of our company and he has become a trusted confidante in entrepreneurial matters. Can’t beat me at golf, but I trust him a lot. ?

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