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PFB Introductions: Kyle Cox



We recently had our summer meetings in Stillwater, and one of our takeaways was that we want to provide better background and insight into our writers as individual people. So we filmed some 5-minute interviews with guys you’ve probably been reading for years. Hopefully you’ll learn something about them and feel like you’re engaging with more than just an avatar on a page.

Next up, staff writer and editor, Kyle Cox (all the Kyles!)

Cox’s bio

I’m a lifelong Oklahoma State fan born and raised in Oklahoma City. I have an amazing daughter and supportive wife who have allowed me to follow my passion of writing about sports. I love writing things that allow me to learn something and hopefully help others do the same. If nothing else, help them look at things from a new perspective. Also an aspiring stats junkie.

Porter’s take

Kyle Cox has been with us for about a year now, and he’s a complete workhorse. If Boone helped take us to another level, Cox has made me realize how we can stay there. He’s the rare writer who can pump out a lot of content and yet keep it all very fresh. I genuinely look forward to editing his pieces. Because of his work ethic and passion, we have recently entrusted him with an editor role for the site. He’ll play a huge part of whatever success PFB has as we head into the future, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him on a personal level as well over the last 12 months.

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