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PFB Picks: Will OSU Keep Its Streak in Lubbock Alive?

The PFB staff lays out our predictions for OSU-Texas Tech.



The Cowboys are on the road this weekend in hopes to string together consecutive Big 12 wins for the first time in two years. (Seriously! The last time OSU won two B12 games in a row was Texas-WVU in October 2017).

Ahead of the Saturday morning kickoff against Texas Tech, the PFB staff convened to lay out our predictions for the game.

Final Score

Kyle Porter: Oklahoma State 38 | Texas Tech 20 — The Red Raiders have been averaging 15 a game over the last two weeks, which means — contrary to popular belief — that OSU does not in fact copy everything Tech does because it actually has a competent offense.

Kyle Boone: Oklahoma State 31 | Texas Tech 14 — In a battle between two offenses that are consistently amongst the best in the Big 12, I’m expecting … a defensive struggle. OSU will be happy to pound Chuba into the Lubbock ground, and I don’t think Tech’s offense can keep pace.

Kyle Cox: Oklahoma State 45 | Texas Tech 17 — I think the Cowboys could have very easily put up a similar total against K-State a week ago, and I don’t think Tech is near the team as K-State.

Marshall Scott: Oklahoma State 38 | Texas Tech 21 — Unless Tech and Duffey have found some secret sauce this week, I don’t think this will be competitive.

Player of the Game (Not from Canada)

Porter: Not from Canada is [chef’s kiss]. Give me Malcolm Rodriguez. Jett Duffey is an elite name, but I think Rodriguez will have a huge role in stopping what he does best (which is run maniacally all over the field after he realizes that he does not in fact have the arm to throw that 25-yard out).

Boone: Tylan. Chuba’s going to get more attention than tortillas in Lubbock on Saturday, which I think should open up shots for Tylan to make big plays down the field. Tech doesn’t have a defender that can hold his jock strap, so if Sanders can pump it in the general vicinity of him, he’ll have a huge day.

Cox: I’ll go with Spencer Sanders for the second straight week. Last week I said he would clean things up against the Wildcats, and that didn’t happen. Spencer and I are both due.

Scott: Spencer Sanders — If I was Tech, I’d try to make Spencer Sanders beat me with his arm. And historically, Tech stinks at defending the pass.

Which team wins the turnover battle?

(OSU has only won it once this year — its loss to UT)

Porter: Two teams that are on the wrong side of this stat. Tech averages -0.25 a game, and OSU averages -0.40. I’ll say OSU wins it just because I think they’re going to put Jett in a position where he has to do his work through the air, and that’s probably going to go poorly for him (and them).

Boone: Gotta be OSU. Tech is rolling with a back-up quarterback against an OSU defense that has some real juice coming in.

Cox: I’ll say OSU because based on my above prediction that Spencer cleans things up and because Jim Knowles’ defense has scored four takeaways over the last two weeks which is more than over any two-game stretch in his tenure at OSU.

Scott: OSU — It’ll be interesting to see Duffey go against OSU’s corners, especially if the Red Raiders are down and have to throw the ball.


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