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PFB Predictions for College Football in 2017



I think we’ve made every possible prediction for the upcoming season … except for how everything is going to play out on a national stage. So here are our PFB predictions for all of college football in 2017.

Big 10 Winner

Kyle Porter: Ohio State — Urban is too much for Faux Gundy up in Ann Arbor. Buckeyes are loaded up again and have the least volatile formula for making the CFP.

Nick Welch: Ohio State — Michigan’s difficult Big Ten road schedule (@Penn St @Wisconsin) will lead to an Ohio St division crown and eventual championship. See bold prediction on Wisconsin.

Kyle Boone: Ohio State — Even with a roster overhaul, the Bucks have too many dudes in too many spots to not be successful. Most importantly: J.T. Barrett (the official Perry Ellis of college football) is still slinging the pigskin for Urban’s lethal offensive attack now spearheaded by Kevin Wilson.

Hayden Barber: Ohio State — Man, I want to pick Penn State so bad but can’t. The Nittany Lions beat the Buckeyes last year, but that was a home game. On the road will be too much, and unfortunately, that will push them out of the conference championship game.

Steven Mandeville: Penn State — A nasty trio of McSorley, Barkley and the nation’s best tight end will wear out the Buckeyes in Columbus.

Phillip Slavin: Michigan — It’s year three for Harbaugh in Michigan which means many of the players seeing the field are now the ones he recruited. It took three years for things to “pop” at Stanford. I think we see the same thing at Michigan in year three.

Kyle Cox: Wisconsin — Paul Chryst plays the type of football that Mike Gundy daydreams about. He’s got an NFL offensive line and one of the best rushing attacks in college football. He has a returning quarterback and solid defense. The Badgers lost some close ones a year ago and could take the next step in 2017.

Pac-12 Winner

Kyle Porter: Stanford — Come at me.

Nick Welch: Washington — They have an ultra cerebral pocket passer in Jake Browning, a proven winner as a coach (Chris Petersen), and ultra favorable schedule that excludes USC till the finals.

Kyle Boone: USC — The Trojans were seriously getting CFP love last season as a three-loss team, so how much respect will they get when Ronald Jones and Sam Darnold lead them to a one-loss conference record and a Pac-12 title? Don’t answer that.

Hayden Barber: Washington — U-Dub brings back almost everyone who got it to the playoff last year. I can’t buy USC or Stanford, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it ended up that way. This is probably the most competitive conference in America.

Steven Mandeville: Washington — No tough non-conference games, No USC from the south and the guts of offensive skill and line return from a CFP contender. USC finished the season well last year but nothing about an inexperienced coach in Clay Helton makes me think they can take out Chris Peterson.

Phillip Slavin: USC — There are two reasons I’m making this pick. 1. I think the rest of the Pac-12 South takes a step back while the Trojans are better this year than last. 2. USC beat Washington last season, when Washington was a better team. Washington will win the North, but USC wins the league.

Kyle Cox: USC — I can see the case for either Washington or USC. I hate to follow the helmet sticker rule but I think SoCal just has more dudes. Darnold and the back who should have kept Justice Hill in a redshirt are gonna take the West Coast by storm.

Big 12 Winner

Kyle Porter: Oklahoma State — I am drunk on Kool-Aid. I am blinded by orange (and black and chrome and Big, Crazy Pete). I am waving bushels of wheat from my shed. I am all in.

Nick Welch: Oklahoma State — The stars have aligned for the Cowboys to do something legendary this season. The question is, can they grasp destiny by the reins and ride into college football glory?

Kyle Boone: Oklahoma State — Mason Rudolph, Justice Hill, James Washington … I think in five years we’ll look back at this team and think, “Wow, that team had so many pros on it.” Give me the Cowboys. They’ve got the horses to get it done this season.

Hayden Barber: Oklahoma State — I have never been around a more confident, cohesive group of athletes in my young life. The way they talk to you is as if they have already played and won all the games and are trying to tell you about them as if they know nothing.

Steven Mandeville: Kansas State — With a returning quarterback, Snyder is a wizard and he gets a super favorable schedule – and a great chance for a “send Bill out on top” season. OU goes to K-State and they come to Stillwater – projecting some sort of a fangled three way tie, resulting in an orange and purple title game.

Phillip Slavin: Oklahoma — It’s REALLY hard to beat a team twice in the same season. I think OSU wins the regular season match-up in Stillwater, then loses in the conference title game.

Kyle Cox: Oklahoma State — This has been my prediction throughout this process. I think they drop a couple conference games and go to Arlington at No. 2, but upend Kansas State for the trophy.

ACC Winner

Kyle Porter: Noles — Deondre Francois is a stud, and they have more dudes than a ranch in northwest Oklahoma.

Nick Welch: Florida State — Early season road trips to Virginia Tech and Louisville could prove challenging for Clemson and their new QB. I think FSU has the weapons to wreck some defenses this season.

Kyle Boone: Florida State — I almost went Clemson just because I didn’t want to google Deondre Francois, but look at me, efforting in the early part of the week. I think the Seminoles might run away with the ACC, too. Replacing Deshaun Watson at Clemson is a task not even Dabo Swinney can overcome.

Hayden Barber: Florida State — Exactly like I think OSU will be this year, the Seminoles might win their conference with two losses. They open with Alabama and play Clemson on the road. That’s rough, but they get a third chance with a conference championship game.

Steven Mandeville: Clemson — Clemson gets the Noles at home and will relatively coast after taking on Auburn and Louisville by late September.

Phillip Slavin: Miami — As good as Florida State is going to be, I think the Atlantic division is loaded with talented teams and will cannibalize itself. That leaves the door open for whoever wins the Coastal to surprise everyone and win the conference. I’m picking Miami to do that.

Kyle Cox : Florida State — Dabo’s got too much to replace with his QB and RB owned in 100 percent of fantasy leagues. Deondre Francois took his lumps at times as a true freshman but we’ve seen how that can help a quarterback with his coach’s confidence in the second year.

SEC Winner

Kyle Porter: Alabama — (I previously had Auburn here until I realized it would be difficult for Auburn to win the SEC and Bama to make the playoff as the No. 1 seed).

Nick Welch: Alabama — Until someone unseats Alabama, it is impossible to pick against them. They have a tremendous defense as usual, AND a mobile bowling ball of a quarterback. They get LSU at home this year.

Kyle Boone: Alabama — Do I need to write anything here?

Hayden Barber: Alabama — No. ^

Steven Mandeivlle: ‘Bama — LSU comes to Tuscaloosa this year and nobody will be half as good as the FSU team they’ll beat on opening weekend.

Phillip Slavin: Alabama — duh.

Kyle Cox: ‘Bama — I wanted to say something catchy about Jarrett Stidham walking across the Texas-Louisiana border and instantly being the best QB in the SEC but I’ve got to pick the snarling Nick Sabans here.

College Football Playoff (four teams)

Kyle Porter: No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Oklahoma State, No. 4 Florida State — OSU on OSU crime in the Rose Bowl and Bama-FSU rematch in the Sugar Bowl. My veins, insert all of it.

Nick Welch: #1 Alabama, #2 Florida St, #3 Ohio St, #4 Oklahoma St — Despite the opening day loss, FSU or Alabama will run the table the rest of the way and make it into the Playoffs. I think Oklahoma State squeezes in somehow. It’s a very close to call.

Kyle Boone: #1 Bama, #2 Florida State, #3 Oklahoma State, #4 USC. — Oh yes, Jimbo Fisher v. Mike Gundy for a chance at a national title. Who says no to this?!

Hayden Barber: No. 1 Bama, No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Washington, No. 4 Florida State — I think FSU and the Cowboys will have the same record and it comes down to Big 12 vs. ACC. Which would you pick? Nay, which do you think the committee will pick?

Steven Mandeville: No. 1 Bama, No. 2 Penn State, No. 3 Clemson, No. 4 Washington — B12 again left out and the committees two favorite leagues are locked in that top spot. Poor Huskies get trounced again and Saban pounds Dabo in the rubber game.

Phillip Slavin: No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 USC, No. 3 Michigan, No. 4 Oklahoma: Again, the ACC has so many good teams this year it knocks itself out of the playoff allowing Big 12 champ OU to get in and promptly get stomped in the semi-finals.

Kyle Cox: No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 USC, No. 3 Florida State No. 4 Wisconsin — A two-loss Oklahoma State doesn’t get in.

National Championship (two teams)

Kyle Porter: Ohio State over Alabama — Roll Urban.

Nick Welch: #1 Alabama, #3 Ohio St — The two titans in College Football meet in the title game. Alabama gashes Oklahoma St for 250+ yards on the ground and controls the playclock. Ohio St sneaks past FSU to reach the title. I’ll say Alabama wins it this year, I do hate saying that though.

Kyle Boone: #1 Bama, #2 Florida State — This is the storybook ending that would perfectly book end the season for college football fans, who will have their TVs tuned in next Saturday when Bama and FSU kick off the season. A rematch is exactly what the committee is probably already maneuvering towards, because $$$.

Hayden Barber: No. 2 Ohio State, No. 4 Florida State — Beating the same team twice is extremely tough, especially at the top, so I think the Seminoles use their chaser as an elixir to get them to the National Championship.

Steven Mandeville: No. 1 Bama vs. No. 3 Clemson — The rubber game without Deshaun Watson won’t be near as fun. Saban is taking Jalen Hurts off his leash and the downfield passing game will flourish.

Phillip Slavin: No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 USC — This is absolutely not the National Championship I want to watch, which means it’s exactly the one I’m going to get.

Kyle Cox: No. 1 Alabama, No. 3 Florida State — In a rematch of the season opener, the Seminoles take revenge with their offensive firepower and Jimbo hoists that weird-looking trophy. People stupidly start questioning Nick Saban in big games.

Bold prediction for CFB this year

Kyle Porter: OU loses three or more games. Bob Stoops, underrated.

Nick Welch: Wisconsin enters the Big Ten Title Game undefeated and ranked No. 2 in the CFB polls. Their schedule is incredible navigable and they fall just short of the Big Ten Title and playoffs after losing to Ohio St. Also, USC loses to someone they shouldn’t. I can’t pinpoint whom but it could be to Texas or someone like Washington St.

Hayden Barber: Four teams from both the Pac-12 and Big 10 will finish with more than nine wins. Washington (11-1), Stanford (10-2), USC (10-2) and UCLA (9-3) will represent a highly competitive but not quite elite Pac-12. And Ohio State (12-0), Penn State (11-1), Wisconsin (10-2) and Michigan (9-3) post the best conference lineup in college football history. Flames.

Steven Mandeville: My Penn State pick is pretty bold – when Ohio State murders OU *grinning ear to ear* and then loses to Penn State 10-7 at the Horseshoe, the Nittany Lions will be all the CFP committee will talk about from week-to-week. Penn State = the new Iowa.

Phillip Slavin: Is Miami winning the loaded ACC not bold enough? Ok, then how about this: Colorado State is the group-of-5 representative in the New Years Six Bowls, and Oklahoma State faces them. I’m hopping on the hype train after they soundly beat Oregon State last weekend. CSU will lose once, to Alabama.

Kyle Cox: Other than Wisconsin winning the Big Ten?

Heisman Winner

Kyle Porter: J.T. Barrett — I picked him last year. I’ll pick him again. Not having big names at RB or WR will help his resume. By the way, Sam Darnold has “I know he just went 7-5 but really, he’s good!” written all over him.

Nick Welch: I think J.T. Barrett has a great chance to win it this year.

Kyle Boone: U already kno

Hayden Barber: Someone none of us have ever heard of.

Steven Mandeville: Deondre Francois of FSU – when the Noles *upset* Bama, the media will crown the sophomore, dubbing him the next Jameis that Manziel’d Bama.

Phillip Slavin: Either some freshman quarterback no one is talking about or whoever ends up with the most rushing yards at Alabama.

Kyle Cox: Baker Mayfield. Even though Oklahoma doesn’t win the Big 12 and doesn’t make the playoff, Mayfield will put up numbers and have a good year. The narrative will be that with a new head coach and his three NFL weapons gone, Mayfield shouldered more of a burden and carried his team. It’s finally his year.

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