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PFB Predictions: Who Will Shine Against K-State and O/U on Chuba’s Carries

How PFB staffers see things playing out on Saturday night.



The Cowboys look to get right at home against the unbeaten, No. 24 Kansas State Wildcats. This is the first time a ranked K-State squad has shown up in Stillwater since 2011 and that rendition of the series was an all-timer (okay, they’re pretty much all thrillers).

So before things get going on Saturday night, the PFB staff got together to lay out our predictions.

Final Score

Kyle Porter: Oklahoma State 34 | Kansas State 24 — This qualifies as an absolute blowout in a series which has seen eight of its last 12 games end with spreads of seven or fewer points.

Kyle Boone: Oklahoma State 39 | Kansas State 33 — Par for the course for what this matchup against K-State usually brings.

Kyle Cox: Oklahoma State 45 | Kansas State 38 — Without checking, I’d say 90 percent of all OSU-Kansas State games have ended in this exact same score, give or take a couple points. (Don’t fact-check me, please.)

Marshall Scott: Oklahoma State 38 | Kansas Sate 35 — I’ve gone back in forth with this a few times. But in conclusion, OSU is better than Mississippi State, and K-State had some struggles against the Bulldogs.

Player of the Game

Porter: Tylan. He’s had 464 in his last three games at Boone Pickens Stadium (that’s 155 a game), and OSU will try and air it out more after running Chuba into the red dirt of Texas last weekend.

Boone: Chuba. We saw last week that OSU is willing to ride him as a true No. 1 workhorse, so he’ll have plenty of shots to be the star here.

Cox: I’m going Spencer Sanders. I think he comes out and has a huge game. Like 300 and three scores in the air and 50-plus on the ground. This will be a big test for the young QB and I think he passes with flying colors.

Scott: Chuba Hubbard — He’ll probably get the ball a lot, and though I think K-State is a strong challenge, I don’t think the Wildcats’ D-line will be as disruptive as Texas’.

Who has more rushing TDs?

Porter: Oklahoma State. They’ll Sean Gleeson will figure out their red-zone woes this weekend, and Sanders will have a pair of rushing TDs by himself.

Boone: Kansas State. It won’t matter though when Sanders is dropping 80-yard nukes to Tylan and Braydon Johnson.

Cox: K-State. While I think I think Chuba and Co. (who am I kidding, Chuba) has a bounceback game, the Wildcats lead the league averaging four rushing scores per game.

Scott: K-State — I say K-State scores all five on the ground; OSU scores three.

Over/Under of 27.5 on Chuba carries

Porter: Under ?

Boone: Chuba leads the nation in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, and if that continues, he’s just about a lock to be in the Heisman race in November. But … 27.5 is a lot for a player who has toted it 69 times in the last two games. I’d take the under.

Cox: Under, but not because some other running back suddenly decides to become relevant. I just think the Cowboys go all in on the playback and get things going through the air.

Scott: Over — Against Power Five opponents this season, Hubbard has ran the ball 26 and 37 times. I think K-State will force at least two more rushes than Oregon State did.

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