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PFB Schedule: Coordinator and Coach Interviews This Week



Big 12 Media Days teased us last week that football was closer than it actually is. Unfortunately, we still have 38 days to kickoff, but we’re going to be posting heavily leading up that Thursday night game with Tulsa. We still have some leftover B12MD topics to hit, and Kyle Boone and I are headed to Stillwater on Thursday to play in the media golf tournament at Karsten and do some coach and coordinator interviews.

A quick look at coverage this week.

Oklahoma State Games

No games scheduled this week (women’s soccer starts in 20 days though).

Oklahoma State Media Appearances

Oklahoma State coordinators and coaches will be made available on Thursday at Karsten.

PFB Coverage

PFB will be on-site for the Karsten media event on Thursday morning. We will tweet out photos, videos and post on what Glenn Spencer thinks about Game of Thrones (you know he has takes!)

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