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Smart and Wiggins are clearly ready for the season

Can we start playing tomorrow?



Those two guys, not boys.

Marcus Smart had more things to say about Andrew Wiggins at Big 12 media days.

Here they are:

“A lot of people are saying he’s the best player now in college basketball. All I’m saying is how can you be the best player in something you haven’t even played yet?”

“I’m not saying he can’t be the best player. I know if it was me, don’t just give it to me. At least make me earn it. All the hype, good for him. Congratulations to him, don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking anything away from Andrew Wiggins, anything like that. He’s a good player. I hope he does well.”

“If he’s the best player like people say, if that’s the case, in order for me to be the best, I have to beat the best, right? If he’s the best player, fans will get their money’s worth when we play Kansas.”

I actually kind of feel bad for Wiggins — none of this is his fault and now fans and players kind of dislike for something he didn’t do. He only allowed like one dude at his high school announcement.

Also, this picture made me laugh for some reason — are short ties in and I just don’t know abou tit?

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