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Photos: Cowgirl Softball Team Gets New Uniforms



First it was the football team. Then the basketball team. Now, the softball squad will be debuting new uniforms this season.

First, let me say I really liked what they’ve been wearing the past few years. The all-orange look was a favorite and I loved the cursive Cowgirls. However, change is inevitable, and a new look for this new look and dangerous squad could be just the thing to propel them to a big year.

Their season starts in just a few days and I’m excited to see which of these four outfits they debut first. Let’s run all four new fits down from most aesthetically pleasing to least, starting with my absolute favorite.

No. 1: Black, White, & Clean

The first new uniform released, was also the best.


This simple black and white look comes with thin black trim on the collar and sleeves, and the thin black pant stripe. This look is awesome. I mean seriously, good grief, that is a beautifully clean uniform. It is easily the best of the bunch.

No. 2: The Cowgirl Pinstripe

In second place, the Cowgirls’ Yankee look.


The second black and white combination includes some classic pinstripes that look really good. The solid black trim is a nice touch on the collar and sleeves, and the black OSU logo and number pop on the jersey.

This is a good look I hope we see often this season.

No. 3: The W.O.W


I mentioned earlier that I loved the Cowgirls all orange look from the past couple of years. This is the only orange look we get. The White, Orange, White look. For a school whose base color is orange, this isn’t enough, especially not if it’s the only uniform with it.

It’s a solid third option and I do like it, but I wish there was more orange if it’s the only set with the color used prominently.

No. 4: Gritty Grey

Last but not least, were the final uniforms released.


I have two problems with these. First, these are the only uniforms with the badge front and center, and it does not work. It’s too big and bulky on the uniforms.

If we’re going to go all in on the badge, which honestly I’m OK with, it can’t be used like this. Also, it’s not that it’s a bad look, just the worst of the four.

One thing I do know is, I can’t wait to see these and this team in action this season. The No. 21/24 Cowgirls begin their season on Friday, February 9th against Oregon State in Tempe, Arizona in the Kajikawa Classic. Their first home game is nearly a month later, March 2nd against Omaha in the Mizuno Classic in Stillwater.

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