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Pistols Firing shirts update

We’re sold out of Pistols Firing shirts (kind of). Either way you only have the rest of today to get one.




Well, we met our goal of 125 shirts sold so I hope you weren’t earmarking that $15 for something else!

You guys were impressive, snagging all 125 shirts in less than four days. I’m very grateful.

I originally thought the campaign was designed to only sell 125 shirts but apparently 125 was just the tipping point[1. If we would have sold fewer than 125 no payments would have been processed and no shirts shipped.] as shirts can continue to be bought for the next six days (I clearly have no idea how the Internet works).

But since I originally insinuated that we only had 125 on hand I’m going to go ahead and close this campaign down after today and Teespring will get your shirts shipped.

I’ll think about running another one at some point this season — maybe a different color (as some have requested) or a different design (if you have ideas, leave them in the comments).

And if you still haven’t bought one you only have the rest of the day to get your order in.

Thanks again for your continued support of Pistols Firing.

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