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Social media guide for Pistols Firing

Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes — these are the ways you can follow PFB this season.



This is the first of many social media guides I’ll put out over the next few days.

I wanted you guys to know who all helps me with the site, how you can follow them, and how you can follow Pistols Firing in general this season.

Obviously this site will contain 95% of all content produced by me and the guys you see at the bottom of the page.

If you’re on Facebook you can throw a Mickelsonian thumb our way and get updates to your home feed — it’s always fun to get those photos of your ex-girlfriend and all the people complaining about twerking interrupted by UNI UPDATES! So yeah, thumbs.[1. Your likes are appreciated whether you get on Facebook a lot or not as it helps give the site some weight in the media world. So thank you.]

You can also download the Pistols Firing podcast on iTunes and/or follow our RSS feed.[1. I suggest using Digg Reader if you were a disciple of Google Reader like myself.]

These three along with Twitter (see below) are really the four best ways to follow PFB this season.

I’m probably going to use Vine and a service called Pressgram (in lieu of Instagram) but all that will run through this site so you don’t have to spend your follows on me elsewhere.

So Facebook, iTunes, this site, and (of course) Twitter.

Here are your PFB Twitter follows for the season…

[table id=141 /]

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