Poll Question Tuesday: Is It Too Early to Restructure Mike Boynton’s 5-Year Contract?

Written by Kyle Porter

Kyle Boone wrote about the fit of Mike Boynton at Oklahoma State on Monday, and it was met with much consternation. “Remember Travis Ford!” screeches were Alamo-like in both volume and enthusiasm. Some have even noted that Boynton needs to “prove his loyalty” by coaching for less than anyone in the Big 12 for a period of time (which is hilarious and absurd).

To be sure, it’s not a completely ridiculous notion that Oklahoma State needs to start thinking about a restructuring or extension of Boynton’s five-year, $6 million contract.

Matt Norlander (shout out CBS employees) also wrote this week about the job Boynton has done in Year 1. Here’s what he noted at the end of his article.

In college basketball, success for first-year coaches can be gauged in different ways. Oklahoma State qualifies as a success in more ways than not. Boynton’s not a big name in coaching yet, but if he’s doing this well despite all that was tossed at him in his first year on the job, think of what could come when the waters lose their chop.  [CBS Sports]

I’m still not sure where I land on all of this. OSU’s last two coaches have represented the extremes of both ends of the spectrum. Travis Ford got way too much money and time after winning one NCAA Tournament game without any players he recruited. Brad Underwood didn’t get enough, and he left.

We probably shouldn’t be fully shaped by either experience, and yet it’s hard to not be. So I’ll let you guys decide and vote on this with your comments below. As always, we’ll post the best ones later in the week.

  • Let’s be real

    I’m all for a raise, although I don’t think we should extend him beyond 5 years, not yet, and probably not ever. 5 years is a LONG time and a lot can change. I’m good with something like 5 years/10 million for now

    • zachattachone

      Agreed. This should be the move if they make the tournament

  • Bbjd

    I really don’t get why this is a debate. Does anyone think Boynton should be paid less than all the Big 12 and most P5 coaches after this season? Give him a reasonable raise. The funny thing about the Underwood situation is what Holder was offering was probably the right amount but we all got so wrapped up in the moment and excitement we got mad he didn’t give out a 3 million dollar contract to a guy with 1 year of P5 exp.

    Also the lets see if he makes the tourney is playing the result and not the process. The process so far is clearly good so lets incrementally reward that and not just focus on the final results after 1 season. This years coaching job is more impressive to me than last years even if we miss the tourney due to the talent difference.

    • D-Dubya

      Even if he gets a pay raise he will still probably be paid less than all the Big 12 coaches, which is about what you would expect. Also, I would venture to guess that 95% of people get raises based on results and not the process. I would be fine with an incremental raise because I think his results to this point have exceeded expectations.

      • Bettie

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  • Dylan

    Do contracts in sports mean nothing anymore? You hear of players all the time that want to increase what they are making before their contract is up, yet will they take less if they are doing poorly for some reason? Coaches will leave a school/organization for more money despite language within a contract, which is certainly allowed and their prerogative. As mentioned here by the PFB and else where, OSU had a knee jerk reaction with Ford’s contract, which ended up being detrimental to both the school and Ford (in my opinion).

    That said, I certainly don’t have the answer for Boynton’s contract, but I do feel that 1 year of play/coaching and pre-any recruiting signings is too early, despite the relative success we are having. Overall I think he is a really solid coach with a bright future, and I hope he sticks around Stillwater for a while.

    • guest

      They don’t mean anything when someone can afford to come in and pay the buyout to end the contract. That’s in the terms of all the contracts, so that doesn’t change the meaning of the contract.

  • b

    Let’s all hope Holder can just aim for something in the middle of Ford and Underwood.

    I would prefer to give more $ per year with a shorter year contract

  • VintagePoke97

    Im good w 5yr/10million but I want a big buyout if someone comes a calling…ala the Iowa State football coach

  • Chris Saxon

    He has to recruit first. At the moment there is no evidence that can happen. It does look like Boynton was the magic behind underwood doesn’t it.

  • StillOriginal

    It’s too early

  • Darth

    I just don’t want what happened with Underwood to repeat itself here in terms of university perception. I felt like the Athletic Department came off as seeming cheap and then doubled down on that sentiment with how the Boynton hire initially was perceived. We don’t need to give him a Travis Ford sized contract in terms of dollars or years, just recognize the issues he has dealt with (FBI, Staff turnover, player dismissal) while recording 4 good/great wins. Give him a bump in pay, increase bonus payout for number of wins and tournament wins, crank the buyout value up a lot, and keep the contract at 5 years.

    • TG


  • TG

    I’ve seen it posted already, and I agree that a pay raise is in order. He’s exceeded expectations in a tough situation. He’s showing promise. Give the man some more money. Now, with that being said, he hasn’t fully proven himself out. Remain aware that this relationship can go south. Don’t over-commit on length of contract. Stick with the current time frame, give the man a reasonable raise, and protect ourselves with a healthy buyout. Wether or not Coach Boynton would agree, OSU took a chance on him, gave him the reigns to a historically good program. According to Coach, no one knew his name prior to his hiring as the head coach. With that in mind, would he please do us the favor of agreeing to a healthy buyout agreement if another program wants to throw buckets of money at him.

  • Nate

    Sane people are actually for giving a guy a raise who more likely than not won’t make the tournament? What a sad, pathetic state OSU basketball is in.

    • Bbjd

      Chris Beard missed the tournament last year and currently has Texas Tech #7 making the tournament has to be the single worst barometer for judging good coaching/bad coaching.

      Process > Results you can’t argue that for saying Boynton is still a bad hire and then say you only reward a coach for making the tournament. If you believe he is a good coach you reward him so that he is no longer being paid half of what the bottom half of Big 12 coaches are. If you aren’t convinced yet that is fair but it should have nothing to do with making the tournament or not it should be based on an honest assessment of his and the teams performance this year.

      • Nate

        Yep, and pretty sure they didn’t give Beard a raise or extension after his first year either.

        And to be clear, based on 25 games I don’t think Boynton is a bad coach. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a bad hire in March of 2017. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive

        • Bbjd

          If no one else comes calling and he stays like Beard you will be right (he also makes 300k more a year). But I think risking someone else offering him a raise from being one of the lowest paid coaches in P5 basketball and having a 4th coach in 4 years is a risk that is best avoided with a slight increase in salary.

          I’m aware you aren’t saying he is a bad coach what I’m saying is the making the tournament argument is playing the results (what you said Boone was doing) and not a true reflection on coaching quality.

        • KWC

          They didn’t give him a raise as far as I can see. However, he was not as poorly paid as Boynton and was a coach at Tech for 10 years. They could afford to underpay, because he has some loyalty. Now, I don’t think Boynton should get a huge raise or extension. I wouldn’t even extend his contract. Just a slight bump.

          I think Boynton can coach, but it was a bad hire in March based on the information present.

  • Philo Farnsworth

    Pay that man his money! But dont get too crazy with it…

  • Saucy Takes

    Man this is tough. I think he deserves a raise but I like the idea of a 4 yr 8.5 million dollar contract teir it to where he gets a pretty good bump year over year but keep the contract shorter

  • ssbn599

    If we don’t restructure his contract, he will be getting offers from other schools, and we willl probably lose him ala Underwood.

  • OKsailor

    I think a raise has been earned in the area of 1.5mil. I wouldnt go longer than 4 years. I doubt he gets any Underwood type offers as he is not as well known as BU was at the time.

  • Chris Saxon

    I’m a Boynton supporter, having said, he’s not accomplished much yet. A handful of good wins does not a program make. He has to recruit and make the tourney and win games in the tourney. Anything less is below the bar. Who gets a raise for missing targets????? It’s sure easy when it’s not your money to dole it out. He has shown glimmers of promise, he hasn’t earned a raise just yet.

  • D-Dubya

    This poll would be better in a couple of weeks when conference play is actually over.

    Like others I wouldn’t mind seeing an incremental bump just because I think he’s exceeded most people’s expectations.

  • D-Dubya

    Better poll question….

    Who will be making the decision on the pay raise? Holder or Weiberg?

  • jt

    I think a reworking of his current contract that would include; a modest raise, performance bonuses, a huge buyout clause, and a option to extend would be fine.

  • OrangeTuono

    With Holder still in the building? We’ll wait until Boynton has 1 foot out the door before Holder will even take a meeting with him…

    • KWC

      I don’t think Holder is the trigger man anymore. I think he has 1 foot out the door, Holder that is.

  • KWC

    Now, lets be real about the Ford and Underwood comparisons. Both of them came to teams with NBA caliber players, Anderson and Evans. Ford was not involved in the media game. Underwood may have been a bit over involved. Ford didn’t start trying to connect with fans until his 5th year. Ford never got great effort from his players or cared about defense. Underwood said he cared about defense, but it seems like his assistants (Boynton especially) are the ones who really made those adjustments. Boynton has been dealt a terrible hand and has made adjustments to each one. From injuries to kicking players off, to an assistant being investigated, to having no fanfare. He has rolled with each punch and made his team better throughout the season. Again, these are all things Ford used as excuses for his teams playing poorly and not winning games.

    Lastly, I think the Athletic Department should have a good read on this now. Overpaid with Ford with too many years. Underpaid with Underwood, even though not much. Also, Boynton will not be as hot a commodity as Underwood was last year. So, you still have 1-2 years before the pressure elevates (if success continues). Small raise with no additional years seems like a no-brainer. The guy can coach, can motivate, makes good hires… Only real question is can he recruit.

  • Ty

    Why not offer him a raise based on, i think we can all agree, a great coaching performance based on what he walked into his first season. Then once turny time rolls around and if we perform well, offer another small raise based on performance. So we reward him based on preparing the product, then if the product produces good results, he gets another reward.

    • D-Dubya

      It looks like he already has bonuses tied to getting into the tourney and winning games once there

      • go pokes!

        sweet, why are we worried then….he is a first year head coach….no other p5 team is going to come lookin this year

  • Jawbreaker

    There are ways to treat both parties fairly and not go overboard. Does he have an agent? I would like to see it done after the season and recruiting is over to fully gauge his job performance for the year but who knows what will happen when coaches start getting fired at the end of the season. Maybe some schools start calling and OSU has to do something before they are ready or before they get to see his recruiting class. Better to do it prematurely or have to do it hastily after some other schools have called?

  • David

    Nope, let’s do it.

  • go pokes!

    doesn’t his contract already give way for a raise each year? this is his first head coaching gig…..keep his contract intact and give him some other kind of bonuses if the athletic dept. feels it is warranted…..bonuses are always welcome in the business world