Mike Boynton Proving to be Perfect Fit at Oklahoma State

Written by Kyle Boone

When I wrote that Mike Boynton was a savvy hire shortly after an even shorter coaching search last spring, it was met with skepticism. A lot of it.

Why would Oklahoma State, a historically proud program that’s seen the likes of Eddie Sutton, Henry Iba and Trav—well, Eddie Sutton and Henry Iba—elevate an assistant coach with zero previous head coaching experience?

I made several points in the article explaining, mostly theoretically, why it made some sense. Most of it was keeping the staff and roster intact, and the rest of it was about saving OSU a quick buck in the short term. To be frank, I argued a side because I knew it would go one of two ways: Boynton would be the biggest out-of-left-field hire that actually worked, or he’d be a flaming disaster for a team not expected to be any good in 2017 anyway.

In the latter scenario, OSU could easily deal with fielding a bad team. After Jawun Evans left, the team was picked to finish last in the Big 12. So if he was a disastrous coach and the Bill Self’s and Bob Huggins’ of the world coached laps around him, OSU could move on from a university-friendly contract to go grab Coach X to replace him after a few seasons. And if he was good, well, then it’s a win-win: OSU gets a coach, and at a pretty nice, discounted rate.

Exactly three months into the Cowboys’ season, we know which situation OSU has on its hands.

Oklahoma State knocked off No. 19 West Virginia on Saturday — its second win over a top-20 opponent in the last week alone — giving OSU the most unlikely late-season turnaround. Even despite laying an egg vs. Baylor this week, this team is on the cusp of earning consideration for the NCAA Tournament’s infamous bubble conversation.

You can credit grad transfer Kendall Smith, or the emergence of Cam McGriff for the stunning surge. But the mastermind behind the blueprint, Mike Boynton, deserves all the praise.

Not only did Boynton enter the head coaching gig with little fanfare, he did so under less-than-ideal circumstances. He saw Brad Underwood walk away for a fat contract at Illinois, his second new dream school in as many years. He saw the division that decision created within the fanbase. And I’d bet money that he saw the angry tweets after he was hired.

And still yet, he has thrived as no one expected, overcoming innumerable obstacles along the way.

Not long after he took the job, it was announced that the FBI probe that rocked the college basketball world had linked Lamont Evans — the man he called his “co-coach” — to nefarious recruitment practices. Boynton was babysat at press conferences in the days that followed with compliance literally looking over his shoulder, and he meticulously chose his words as the probe into his now-former associate head coach remained ongoing.

Evans was eventually fired.

He overcame it.

Boynton’s star player, Jeff Carroll, was held out as a precaution for three games because of his link in the same FBI report.

Boynton overcame it, winning all three games.

Nine games into the season, OSU announced that returning key contributor Davon Dillard and top-rated incoming freshman Zack Dawson were dismissed from the program, torpedoing what little depth the team had.

Guess what? Boynton overcame it.

At each winding turn, Mike Boynton has been a success story. The once-overlooked Stephen F. Austin assistant, who was passed over at SFA after Underwood left for OSU, has been a revelation. He’s proved that even in a tumultuous season, he can do two things: 1) He can coach his tail off and 2) He’s an OSU guy who has meshed with the culture in a way no one ever imagined.

That a man from Brooklyn could fit at a school like OSU says everything you need to know about the hire. With each passing day, Mike Holder’s once ridiculed airball looks more and more like a slam dunk.

OSU undeniably has its coach for the short and long term. For a discounted rate though, it may not be much longer. So while OSU still has a chance — and before the next Illinois comes calling — it needs to lock him up and avoid an Underwood catastrophe once again.

Whatever your thoughts are about whether this team’s performance this season, Boynton’s absolutely shown enough promise to warrant a healthy raise and reasonable extension.

Because Oklahoma State not only has found itself one heck of a coach, but also the proven right fit for the gig, too.

  • Ty Webb

    Man, pump the brakes. I like Coach Boynton and what he is doing also but let’s not start handing out 10 year contracts again before he actually does it consistently.

    • KWC

      I think he is arguing for a reasonable 2-3 year deal. Not 10-years with no good buyout option

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  • Chris Stover

    LOL he’s done a good job but don’t be dumb. Extension. Let him do something first. Good gosh, what is it about our fanbase even writers than go way overboard. I mean I like what he’s done but let him make the tournament first. Nobody is looking to hire him yet. You don’t even need to give him a raise this year, even if he makes the tourney. Next year, we’ll talk. I mean he hasn’t even recruited yet. LOL talk about over the top article. I like the idea of the article until the end, when it went monstrously overboard.

    • pat

      What happened last time we waited until someone else came looking to hire our coach bball before we made an offer?

      • Sean Flanagan

        What happened the last time we handed out a huge contract after a promising start to the job?

        • GoPokes

          If we all are noticing the job Boynton has done with the hand he was dealt, you can bet your ass other schools have too. Boynton is working for PEANUTS. Give him a new contract now or lose him. I’m not saying Jimmy Garappolo money. But bring him in line with B12 average at LEAST.

          • OSU Student

            Exactly. Love the people saying he hasn’t proved anything. if anyone expected better than how they are performing right now would have been joking themselves.

        • Matt Fitts

          Difference with Travis ford is that he had 3- 5 star recruits on that team. Boynton has basically started with nothing, picked to finish last at beginning of year! You are trying to compare apples and oranges.

        • KWC

          I don’t think 1.5-2 mil for 2-3 years is a huge contract. 2-3 mil for 10 years was huge

      • spokepokes

        I’m all for giving MB a little more money. Maybe give him like a 4 year 5 mill contract.

        But in no what shape or form was Underwood worth over 3 mill a year. If that’s what he wanted I’m glad we let him walk. Look what he’s doing at Illinois right now. Their fans are already over him.

    • OSU Student

      The better question is, what is it about part of our fan base that thinks OSU is at par with the Kentucky’s and Kansas’s of the basketball world and Alabama’s and Ohio State’s of the football world? Seeing the glass as half full as a fan is a hellova lot better than seeing the glass as half empty. You fall in the latter.

      As far as Boynton, you are partially right. He has yet to make the tournament. He has yet to prove his recruiting talents. But to say he has not overachieved or overaccomplished is illogical, and pretty much downright stupid. This isn’t an over the top article. It’s true. I don’t think OSU fans realize how down the program was in October. Not only had they just lost basically all of their scoring from a first-round-exit team, but they were under federal sanctions, dudes were getting inprisoned, all while potential depth players were acting up and getting kicked off the team. They were picked, not by our fans, but BY EXPERTS, to finish dead last in the league. Which is completely warranted. Yet here they are, with possibly (probably) the least talented team in the conference from top to bottom and they are 1 game out of 3rd in arguably the toughest conference in America. He has yet to accomplish anything that would demand some huge ludacris salary increase, but he has far and away exceeded what we as fans, and experts nationwide, expected from this team. He’s got the kids playing for him, and he’s doing exactly what he should be doing in his first year. Fans who want to cry about OSU not being top of the conference are almost as illogical as the fans who still believe a radio host with no experience would be the next Bill Self.

      • Mullet Power

        if not for Beard at Tech, Boynton would be BigXII coach of the year.
        So we’ll say, Boynton has done the 2nd best coaching job in the “best conference in america”. So yeah, give him a 2yr extension with some more coin. Nothing crazy yet – but still, a bump.

    • Mark

      Exactly right Chris. And maybe you do give Coach Boynton a reasonable bonus and a nice pat on the back if he makes it to the tourney! It sure beats the AD telling a coach (who has a 3x offer on the table) he’s no better than “Travy” right after a season where he gave Poke fans hope again! I am very eager to see Boynton succeed hugely at Oklahoma State. But true success is not measured in a handful of wins. Recruiting his own players, winning with them, and doing over several seasons is the only true measure. Our own OSU son, Bill Self, built up several programs consistently on his way to Kansas!

  • guest

    its crazy to think this fanbase was clamoring for Gottlieb to be the HC. It was hilarious to think about at first, and still is now. He’s were he belongs, which is talk radio and only need to be around the program as a fan, not a coach. I do think you give him a slight raise, but not break the bank yet. Hopefully, he stays for the long haul, cause like the article states, he’s a really good young coach thats trending up fast.

    • Chris Stover

      I like Boynton thus far and he might be a good hire. That said, I think Gottlieb would have been a home run hire. Perhaps both men were capable.

      • Chris Baker

        You mean the guy who has never even sat on a bench as an assistant coach? Doug would have been an absolute disaster. Not hiring Doug was maybe the best decision Holder has ever made, ever. If Doug wanted to be a coach, he would be coaching. Doug wants to talk, that’s why he has the job he has. In the event we need a new coach and Doug has continued to not spend ANY time developing as a coach, I hope we pass again. I never understood why anyone would want Doug. If you want to go with a past player how about one of the past players who are coaching, rather than the one who is kind of a douche bag and not interested in coaching unless he gets handed a HC position at his Alma Mater.

      • OSU Student

        Home run hire for publicity. Strikeout for production.

      • Wayne from Forty One

        There was a major difference in doogie and HCMB at the time of the hire . HCMB could hit a free throw and doogie could not hit a free throw. The difference now is HCMB can still hit a free throw, doogie still can’t and HCMB has been with a team that beat Kansas and WVU on their home courts. Doogie needs to stay on the radio and HCMB needs to be on the court. Pay the man and extend him a few years (please no 10 year contracts)

      • Guest

        Fans like you are part of the problem. You’re drunk off your *** if you really believe gottlieb is capable of coaching, much less a home run hire. I mean seriously other than maybe bringing fans to GIA, what does he offer? Just cause he’s an alum doesn’t guarantee success.

        It’s not like he’s has an elite basketball mind. They’re plenty like him if not better whether it’s guys on ESPN or FOX SPORTS. There’s a difference between talking ball and coaching ball. Anyone can talk ball especially on radio or tv, very few can coach it. He fits the latter and until I see otherwise, gottlieb cant coach basketball.

      • Mark

        I like Gottlieb, but if the man had a passion for coaching, he would have been coaching somewhere for many years. And I am not bashing Gottlieb, he’s a Poke! But, coaches have a passion for the sport. Bill Self was first a head coach at ORU, Coach K’s first head coaching job was at Army, Calipari at Pittsburgh, and on an on … and they all were assistant coaches before that for many years. Point being, Gottlieb doesn’t have a passion for coaching like all the real-life successful coaches do. He would have likely been a coaching disaster.

    • go pokes!

      thank goodness we did not hire gottlieb

      • Chris Baker

        I don’t think anyone who was in a position to make that decisions would be stupid enough to hire Doug out of the radio booth with ZERO coaching experience at any level. Not a lot of basketball IQ behind wanting Doug.

  • Dan Ramsey

    I can appreciate the caution of a new contract because of the Ford disaster, but Boynton can coach! My biggest fear is not that he leaves because we don’t give him a healthy, deserved salary bump, and extension, but that he leaves because of the lack of fan support at our home games – it’s embarrassing to see these kids play as hard as they do and his coaching staff squeeze all it can out of this team and see so many empty seats. We need to bring the rowdy back to GIA or we will not be able to keep a quality coach for very long.

    • CursiveCowboys4thewin

      Couldn’t say it better myself!

    • Mullet Power

      Bring the rowdy back to GIA? Hell i couldn’t even get interested enough to remember the game times to watch on TV for the first half of the season. This team bored me to tears. Carroll was a no-show. Our starting PG wasn’t any better than our backup PG. Our small forwards all seemed interchangeable. This team made me yawn.

      Never upsetting teams you’re supposed to lose to is boring. Not having an exciting star player to watch is boring (Smart, Anderson, Nash, Markel) – with Carroll not having a break-out season, the team was boring. but McGriff is no longer just a “maybe he’ll have 1 really nice dunk” kind of guy… he’s consistently putting up impressive numbers. This team has finally become fun to watch

      • LMC

        You just said it, they have gotten interesting. Bring the Rowdy back.

        • Mullet Power

          the fans will show if the team keeps playing well

  • BA

    This is a tough call because do you pay on potential or do you pay on accomplishments? Probably a little of both. However I do believe that the Head basketball coach at OSU should be paid more than what he’s making now. But let’s not give him a Ford like contract either.

    Let’s see how the season plays out. I like what I see so far.

  • Kenny Bir

    Not arguing he’s potentially well-worth the raise… but I’d def make it an incremental raise, see if he shows loyalty… think he makes $1.1 right now, so get him up to $2.6 over the next 3 years ($500k raises) and see how loyal he really is!

    Love me some coach B though. Guy works hard, he’s young, energetic, relates to kids.. and honestly, he’s in better shape than most of his players. He says the right things and blames his team and that’s it. LOVE IT.

    • PokeNBeans

      I would also throw in some incentives for making the tournament.

  • brentparkey

    Boynton is currently making 1 million, which is also what we were paying Underwood. Obviously it wasn’t enough to keep Underwood, but Underwood had a longer track record as a head coach, and I don’t think anyone is going to do what Illinois did for a coach with 1 year under his belt. I think it would make sense to extend him at least to keep him with a 5 year contract, and maybe change the yearly bumps from 100K to 250 or 500K.

    • Zombie Willham

      Underwood’s longer track record was two years at SFA. He did well there, but was that really Underwood, or was that Boynton?

      • Sean Flanagan

        It might be because of talent on the court, but we would hammer Illinois if we played them right now.

      • brentparkey

        Underwood had 3 seasons at SFA, plus one at OSU when he was hired away. That is more of a track record than Boynton will have. Maybe it was Boynton, maybe it wasn’t. All the same, I don’t think anyone else will come calling with 3 million after one season. We shouldn’t unload a Brinks truck or sign on for 10 years either. His performance merits a bump, but we shouldn’t go crazy and overcompensate because Underwood burned us.

        • Zombie Willham

          Went by so fast, it seemed like only two. I’m with you on no 10 year contract, but it seems prudent to up the guy close to or same what we offered Underwood. If he gets us to a Final Four or two, then a 10 year deal makes sense. Barring that, shorter-term deals seem the better bet. I like what I see so far, but way too soon for a Brinks Truck or a long-term deal.

  • Nate

    Proof that Boone has no deep understanding of OSU athletics. Travis Ford beat the NUMBER 1 team in the nation in his first year. Pump the damn breaks, son.

    I like what Boynton has done, but it is completely foolish to think 25 games in Holder made a slam dunk hire. Again, see Travis Ford.

    The dumbest thing fans and talking heads do (and I literally mean THE DUMBEST THING) is retrospectively look back on decisions and selections (NCAA tournament, CFB playoff), and justify said decision/selections based on subsequent results. Mike Boynton, as much as I love what he’s done to date, was a bad hire on March 24, 2017. That doesn’t change. Boone trying to spike the football here claiming he called it is flat out laughable.

    • jbob

      Doug is that you ^ ??

      • guest

        must be Doug…if Gottlieb was doing this our fanbase would be saying this was a slam dunk hire lol.

    • Bbjd

      I 100% agree with your point about retrospectively looking back but for this example a number of us didn’t think it was a bad decision at the time with good reason. A young intelligent basketball mind that has relationships already formed with a team that overachieved last year was the best low risk choice. Boynton has proved that correct it was basically the same strategy as hiring Gottlieb but with a year extra of experience with the roster and some proof that he could develop players from his work last year. Boynton was a good hire to reshape the program after a tough 10 years the best hire was a young energetic guy with a very solid asst. coaching pedigree.

    • Adam Lunt

      So just to clarify, you’re claiming that the administration made a mistake retrospectively for hiring someone off of non-objective traits (energy, attitude, future vision for the program, work ethic etc.) and not pedigree (ie previous experience)….when it’s almost a certainty that the program is having early success because the team is showing the same non-objective traits that Boynton was hired based on?

      • David

        This is my thought process as well.

      • Nate

        A couple of things…

        My main point is that we should not be rushing to give a guy a new contract who more likely than not won’t make the tournament 25 games into his coaching career.

        We don’t know for certain why Holder hired Boynton, but I’d bet heavily on the fact they could pay their head coach only 1 mil a year was as big a factor as any. Literally hundreds of experienced coaches have or claim to have those same traits you mentioned.

        Lastly, you can’t judge a coach in the first year whether it was good or bad. I’m actually not that convinced Underwood is that great of a coach. Evans would have made any coach look good. You can’t accurately judge a coach until at least year 3 after they’ve been through multiple recruiting cycles and building their program. Travis obviously would not have been given that stupid contract if they had waited until year 3

        • Adam Lunt

          Yeah I think overreacting on the contract would be a mistake. I’m ok with building more incentives and accelerators into his contract though.

    • spokepokes

      At the time it was a decent hire. I think now it’s looking more and more like a really good hire.

    • David

      How are you still defending it being a bad hire? That’s obviously not correct.

      • Nate

        Uh how? On March 24, 2017 it was bad hire. That doesn’t change. Also, the guy is 25 games in and more likely than not won’t make the tournament. And we want to give him a raise and say it was a great hire? That’s incredibly foolish

        • David

          Because you didn’t have all of the info like they did and he’s obviously performing. Sometimes our hot takes are just off…mine included. At least the vast majority of us like Boynton so it’s not really a big deal in hindsight.

  • James

    It is likely that Boynton will be a hot commodity for new coaching hires, so agree that we need to redo his contract. I am convinced he is a good coach, good leader, and good face of the university. My only concern is recruiting, but am sure he will figure that out.

  • Bbjd

    This is simple I don’t really know how you could argue against a raise and extension. Rip up the current deal and pay him 1.5-2 million a year for 4/5 years.

    Don’t make the same mistake we made with Ford or that Illinois made with Underwood where you give someone an insane contract based on potential but improve his current deal to what his peers are making. If you leave him with a 1 million dollar salary he is going to leave when any other P5 team comes calling to double his salary and he should.

    • Philo Farnsworth


  • jbob

    NEW CONTRACT IS A MUST!!!!! 2 mil for 4 years. GREAT ARTICLE!
    Hopefully holder doesn’t screw this one up.
    Boynton is a hot commodity that is turning heads all over the Nation. Pay him or lose him!

  • jbob

    HE IS WINNING GAMES with no talent.
    Ford with this roster is 10-15 at best.

  • OSUgary

    keep the salary at $1m/year and give $1m for every 5 star recruit over next 2 recruiting classes …. assuming 1 is the second-coming of Big Country !! lol …just kidding …

  • Darryl

    Far too early to start handing out extensions. I was glad to see Boynton get the chance at OSU but it is too early. Still no word on the conclusions of the FBI investigation. They could still implicate Boynton. OSU is not out of this scandal by a long shot just yet. And OSU has not made the NCAA tournament just yet. Too early to get out the checkbook. Boynton needs to get rid of those stinkers like Baylor last week.

  • go pokes!

    hold the f on…..beating some conference foes is great and all but if you can’t make the tournament then go coach at SFA……i like what boynton has done this season,but to say he needs a healthy raise might be jumping the gun…..one year (which the tourney still seems a little out of reach on) does not constitute a ton of money to be thrown at him….i.e. travis ford

    • go pokes!

      i should have read ty webb”s comments!

  • Bbjd

    Pistols Firing Comment Section – The only place an extension has to be 3 million per or 10 years.

  • go pokes!

    no one was saying this last week after “laying an egg” against baylor

    • Zombie Willham

      The Baylor egg is looking less scrambled after they destroyed Kansas.

      • Diane Way


    • spokepokes

      Ask KU about Baylor

  • looking up

    I have been on the Boynton train since the beginning and while I appreciate the sentiment this is still premature. A one-year coach is not going to get hired away for $3m/year. We have given him his HC chance and I truly believe Coach to be a man of integrity meaning he won’t pack and move in the middle of the night all based on $$ (i.e. pull an Underwood). I think if he pulls in some good recruits and continues his upward trajectory then Holder / Weiberg will ensure he is amply paid. I believe this to be a long-term relationship — here’s to hoping I’m right!

  • John Stover

    Give him a raise but nothing huge money or year wise but make sure that buyout clause is massive.

  • Zombie Willham
    • Zombie Willham

      fyi, “this” is some Big Ten video from “Go inside @CoachUnderwood’s @IlliniMBB huddle.” This brief clip from a mentoring session during Illinois’ second half collapse against Penn State.

    • David

      What a clown piece.

  • GoPokes

    I don’t really understand why we are relegated to dreaming of being an NCAA bubble team. With our marquis victories, especially considering the tough conference we play in, should be easily in the top SIXTY FOUR teams in the nation! Yet we find ourselves scrambling to be considered among the top SIXTY FOUR teams just to get a bid. This is an outrage.

    • peteisabadman
      • GoPokes

        Why do you type in all caps and incomplete sentences?

        • peteisabadman

          I thought a dumbed down response would resonate with you. You know, because of your OUTRAGE.

          Don’t worry, I noticed you tried to casually ignore that I linked you to to two college basketball ranking indexes which have OSU outside of the tournament field at the present. You’re bad at this.

          • GoPokes

            Well, I guess I’ll direct you to my response to the Chris Stover comment below since it answers your inane comeback. I’ll point out that even he seemed to agree with me that when the rubber meets the road we (meaning OSU, in case you were confused) are at least one of the top 64 teams.
            That was really the only point I was trying to make with my original comment. What with me actually being a fan and all, it shouldn’t be that difficult to understand why I’d be on a fan blog arguing in favor of the team, not against it. I don’t think I’m bad at this, I think you’re bad at being a fan. But hey, I got you to speak in complete sentences, so I’ll call that a win. Keep working at it – you’ll get there!

          • peteisabadman

            I am OUTRAGED that you keep ignoring that kenpom and RPI (there are others) disagree with you. OUTRAGED I say.

          • GoPokes

            There is help available. Talk to your mom and dad, or maybe your school counselor. Teen angst is a real thing; don’t ignore it.

    • Chris Stover

      It’s not an outrage. We are a top 64 team in reality and everyone knows it dude. that’s not the point. The Big 12 probably has 9 teams in top 64 but we won’t get 9 teams in. Try to understand the subject at hand.

      • GoPokes

        You’re having trouble understanding. I guess I should simplify it for you: the tournament *should* be about fielding the best 64 teams, instead of being a contrived, quota-driven representation of conferences nationwide. That is my point. If the B12 has 9 teams that are worthy of an invite, all 9 should be there. I know how it works – my point is that in my opinion it should work another way.

    • spokepokes

      Meh….not really how the tourney works

      • GoPokes

        See my reply to the dude above.

        • spokepokes

          Looks like someone beat me to it already but our RPI is 87….soooooooo you really don’t have a case either way

          • peteisabadman

            He tried to low key play this off…

  • Darth

    Self makes $5mil. Huggins makes $3.5mil. Kruger makes $3mil. When Ford left we were paying him $2.5 mil. So sure, give Boynton a raise, but keep it well under $2mil and tie in anything higher than that to tournament wins.

    • peteisabadman

      Here, here!

    • OKsailor

      Beard won’t be making 1.5mil after this year. Boynton should likely get 1.5-2 mil.

  • Philo Farnsworth

    Offer 1.5 to 2million 3-4 years with bonuses for tournament wins & titles & built in raises… Show coach Boynton the respect he deserves & that he can build a future here… Maybe when back east comes calling he’ll remember who took a shot on him when no one else would.

  • Matt Fitts

    Pay the Man!

  • Boynton Baby

    Sign the man to a 3-year deal or something. I don’t know his current contract, but give the man a raise, and give him at least 3 more seasons. He’s clearly shown he knows a thing or two about the game.

    I know everybody still has Ford and Underwood on our minds, but let’s be fair and go somewhere in the middle. Coach Boynton deserves a chance.

  • Yetipoke

    From an old Tulsa World article – Mike Holder: “I think that’s fair where he’s come from and where he’s starting in the profession. He trusts implicitly that if things improve like we expect them to, that he’ll be rewarded. I had absolutely the same intention to do the same thing for Brad Underwood. I never wavered in my commitment to him or our support for the basketball program”.
    Mike will get paid, but he’s already under a 5-year deal. No need to extend beyond that. While these are pretty standard amounts, some of the performance incentives could be improved.
    Big 12 Champ – $50,000
    Tourney Champ – $35,000
    Make the NCAA Tourney – $35,000
    Tourney Win – $40,000
    Nat’l Coach of the Year – $50,000
    Big 12 COY – $25,000
    Assuming calculations are correct, if OSU won the regular season, the Big 12 tournament, and the national championship, the bonus would be $360,000. For retention purposes, I’d multiply the first two incentives by years served. Replace the NCAA tourney bonus with graduated amounts for getting deeper into the bracket.

  • Doc Holliday

    Woah up there. Don’t get me wrong he’s done some good this season but I wouldn’t call him an OSU guy until he turns down some Northeast offers. And let’s see if he can do this consistently

  • Taylor

    I think we should all be careful about saying Boynton is “winning with zero talent”… This roster is thin, yes, but there is serious talent there. Carroll is possibly a future professional, McGriff is destroying everything he sees, Solomon goes toe to toe with the best in the country and is holding his own every game, when Smith does well we win, Waters is a potential deep threat and key distributor every time he touches the court, Averette out hustles every person that’s ever played (except maybe Solomon), Dizzy could eventually be the best 3pt shooter in the country, Sima is raw but that length will eventually be coached into a premier rim defender… this team has no big names, but serious talent. Boynton’s couching prowess is being revealed in how he uses each players skills to the advantage of the team. THAT is why Boynton is earning his eventual raise (hopefully in Stillwater)

  • Darth

    For thought, Ole Miss is firing their coach of 12 years at the end of this season. Ole Miss had won 20 or more games in seven of the last eight years before going 11-14 this year with 6 games to go (plus conference tournament). They were paying him about $2mil a year. Seems like they’re a relevant example of a team who would plausibly come after Boynton if we don’t give him a raise. I don’t think of them as being anywhere close to a BBall powerhouse, but I’m sure they would scrape up $1.5mil for a guy who previously was an assistant at South Carolina.

    • Chris Stover

      Quit being weird. Nobody is coming after him yet. He isn’t going anywhere. Now next year if he shows some things sure a short extension, Great! all for it.

      • Darth

        So in theory if we make the tournament by the skin of our teeth, lose in round one, and he leaves for Ole Miss or a comparable school for an increase in pay that seems not so impressive, you would be fine with those circumstances?

  • Chris Stover

    LOL the guy has done a good job but I wouldn’t do anything with his contract unless and until he does something next year also. Our fans need to chill. So does Pistols firing. We should be thinking job well done this far but pump the freakin brakes. Nobody is coming after him. He hasn’t done 1 thing yet or brought in 1 recruiting class. I like what I’ve seen so far but jeez people. Contract stays the same. We’ll talk next year.

    • VACowboy

      Glad you are not in a decision making position on this topic.

  • Alec M

    I’d say give him what the team is accomplishing now, middle of the Big 12. A middle of the road Big 12 contract would be fairly good incentive to stay and is a pretty good raise.

  • Pistol Rick

    Give him the Jimbo special right now. 10yrs 100 million. WE ARE BACK SONNNNN.

    so as they say in canada… peace oooooooooot

  • Arkady Vachon

    I’m all aboard that Boynton Train. Personally I think he’s not the type to jet after his first and rookie year here since Oklahoma State has given him the helm and his first big break as head coach. He also seems to be a grounded man of his word. He still has a road ahead of him with his first recruiting class and such. That said, he deserves a bump of some kind, whether to salary or bonus. If he keeps on succeeding then we should absolutely try to keep him for as long as we can and as long as he wants to be here. He may be from the east, but maybe the home where he has always needed to be has been here all along, at least my hope.

    • Arkady Vachon

      Also hoping that some of the opportunities that his tenure here at Oklahoma State helps out as well. The opportunity to have your first big head coaching break at a university in a rebuilding phase lets you instill your kind of program and culture, helps build a legacy.

  • John

    Slow down. He has done better than most OSU fans expected, but let’s not forget how upset many were that we were picked last. We’re still in the bottom half and he’s still near the bottom of Big 12 coaches. Illogical is giving out extensions/raises because you’re scared someone else will come calling. Boynton hasn’t done anything yet. A win at KU & WVU is great, but we’re still 5-7. I didn’t like the hire and while they have been better than I expected, I’m still not sold. There certainly appears to be movement in the right direction.

    Non basketball note, his significant other isn’t thrilled with Stillwater. Happy wife, happy life.

    • Arkady Vachon

      Where’d this about his wife come from?

  • Adam Henderson

    Where does all this money for a bigger contract come from? Thin air? There’s lots of that in GIA these days…

  • David

    In the linked article I stated that we should sign him for 20 years if he makes the tournament. I’m sticking to that. Come at me.