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Porter: Reader Thoughts on 2000s CFB Teams, OSU History and That Monster Video Board



I got a handful of terrific emails over the last week or so and wanted to publish them and hopefully provide a few answers (or just make a few jokes). Regardless, let’s jump in.

My group chat “college football degenerates” has been hotly contesting on which team we think in the post 2000s was the best. I mean my gosh what a list!!! You have the USC dynasty, Vince Young, Tebow’s Gators, 2013 FSU, 2001 Miami, and all of the Bama teams! I would like to know what your top 5 teams of the 2000s are.

That might be next to impossible, but boy I would love to hear your opinion! – Grant M.

It is next to impossible so I went with my five favorites as a consumer of college football. Not based on which was better or had a more-accomplished resume. Just the order I’ll remember enjoying them 50 years from now.

1. 2005 USC — I know they got beat. I don’t really care. Made me love CFB.
2. 2001 Miami — Maybe the most talent ever on one team … and Ken Dorsey’s sleeves.
3. 2008 Florida — Made better by the beat down of OU (see below).
4. 2005 Texas — OSU had them on the ropes!
5. 2011 Oklahoma State — Come at me! They were the best team in the country in a year that ESPN says included the sixth-best team of the last 20 years.

Hope all is well. I was reading a quote from Viktor Hovland about how he remembers visiting OSU and seeing all of OSUs golf trophies and their Hall of Fame area and how he wants to get his picture up in there next to all the other OSU greats. I thought this was really interesting because clearly that impacts how recruits and players view OSU golf.

This got me wondering, do you think OSU football needs to do more recognizing former players or have an area in the corridors of T. Boone Pickens Stadium to better show off our history? I get that we have an area in the basketball stadium but maybe more should be done inside the football stadium itself. And finally, do you think that affects how football recruits would view our program kinda like how it have affected how Hovland viewed our golf program?  -James E.

Yes and yes. It’s already started, too. The tricky part about this is that OSU has just started to enter an era and have a built-up legacy where it wouldn’t have been embarrassing for them to do something like this. Can you imagine Gundy coming in in, say, 2008 and being like, “You know what we need three years into my tenure at OSU? A ring of honor.”

I suppose you could have just put the 1988 team in it and called it a day, but OSU has viable pros, a conference title and a lot of bowl wins that mean something now. We’ve seen the tip of the iceberg with Gundy talking about the Barry statue and a variety of other things, but I hope this continues to grow in the years ahead.

I’m a fan of the blog and one thing I am seeing in the comments a lot is the most hilarious ideas for things OSU could display on the board during an extra point attempt or a field goal (like a bunch of field goal posts, a hypnotic wheel, Godzilla breaking GIA, etc).

What I’m curious about is if this is a legal thing they can do? If it is. I hope they do it! This seems like just the kind of off season nonsense that would take you down a very fun rabbit hole to investigate this further! I would be interested to know what you find out if you take my idea and run with it! -Kristi

Who cares if it’s legal. Here are my four most distracting things they should pop on there when opposing kickers are trying to put one in from 40+.

4. This

3. This.


2. This.

1. (And of course) this..


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