Postgame: Underwood, Evans, Hammonds Talk TCU Win

Written by Kyle Porter

Jawun Evans, Leyton Hammonds and Brad Underwood spoke after Oklahoma State’s 71-68 win over TCU on Wednesday evening in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • StillOriginal

    Thanks for the vids KP

    • JB

      I second that…thanks to all at PFB for feeding us. We know this takes a lot of time (including late hours) and committment for putting together the best college sports blog I’ve seen so far. OSU fans are lucky to have PFB….can’t wait to contribute.

      • Kyle Porter

        Appreciate that. Means a lot!

        • Clint

          KP – in there asking questions! That’s so cool. (For some reason it makes me feel proud!)

  • Justin

    After watching the first clip, all I could think was Iverson:

    Practice….we’re talking practice, man. Practice.

  • Clint

    Just LOVE Evans’ and Hammonds’ demeanor! Neither of them seem cocky or entitled. In fact, they both seem a little embarrassed to be in the spotlight. And Hammonds: “It’s not about scoring points. It’s about playing defense and getting rebounds – doing whatever I can to help the team get the win.” YES!