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Practice field turf looks terrific

The IPF is starting to look pretty awesome.



It was probably one of the easier things about building the indoor practice facility but it sure does change the complexion of the project, doesn’t it? We’ve come a long way from this.

Mike Gundy tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that the synthetic turf at the IPF was complete, you can see a photo below.

You can also keep tabs on the progress (not sure what else there is to see, though) by going here — it’s a video camera that updates every 15 minutes.

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 2.38.44 PM

The completion of the IPF is, in my opinion, one of the bigger steps OSU can take to having the most impressively well-rounded college sports facilities in the country.[1. Can we, for the love of amateur athletics, please get going on the baseball stuff.] I’m pretty pumped to see what the outdoor version looks like as well.

I’m equally excited to get our first video clip of Gundy trying to walk out the far end of this monstrosity and walking right into a newly-cleaned glass pane instead of through the door because you know that’s coming.

Also, can we please not hang any Heart of Dallas banners in here?

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