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Pregaming – KU




Teams: Oklahoma State (16-10, 4-8) vs. Kansas (25-2, 10-2)

For entertainment purposes
Big Monday tonight for the Cowboys for the first time all year. And as always my internet-watching homies can view on ESPN3. OSU remains unranked but has fallen to #59 in the RPI while KU is #3 in the AP and #1 in the RPI. They’re also favored by -17. And it seemed low until the Tyshawn Taylor suspension came out today.

Behind enemy lines
Rock Chalk Talk

Can OSU keep Kansas’ 1-game Big Monday losing streak going? I’ll say no although their chances of winning on a scale of 1 to the 2010 Tulsa OSU football game OSU got bumped from a .01 to a .5 after the aforementioned Tyshawn Taylor suspension broke today.

The problem (well, one of them) is that it doesn’t look 100% like Moses is going to play and even if he does, how effective will he be? Now if, Dowell and Keiton go out and start bombing from the Jayhawk near midcourt then all bets are off and we could be in for a fun night. But since Kansas has lost once at home in the last 49 months I’m kind of pessimistic about that happening. Call me crazy.

What’s kind of confused me about KU is the evolution (or lack thereof) of Josh Selby. He’s only averaging one more point than Brady Morningstar with four conference games left and by most accounts has been an absolute disappointment. That kind of gets hidden at Kansas because they have more McDonalds guys in Allen Fieldhouse than the actual Lawrence McDonalds probably has but if Self wants title #2 he’s going to have to solve Selby. You know what all of this means, right? Career highs in every imaginable category for him tonight.

What I’m worried about
I just hope it’s closer than twenty. I know Fred Gulley just tweeted that OSU was going to “torch Phog Allen” but he’s probably going to be taking a deuce in his pants when the student section goes silent and “Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk” floats down from the rafters. One of my friends texted me last night and said “I hope it’s not too out of hand that Self feels bad and has to call the dogs off, that’d be embarrassing.” Yes it would.

Two random stats that (probably) only interest me:

  • Kansas hasn’t lost back-to-back games since the 05-06 season.
  • OSU ranks 331st in the country in assists. There are 346 teams.

Video to get you ready
Hang in there until after the first 20 seconds, it gets awesome in a hurry. By the way, I think OSU hit more threes in that game than they have this current conference season…

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