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Pregaming – Mizzou




Teams: Oklahoma State (14-7, 2-5) vs. Mizzou (17-4, 3-3)

Location: Gallagher-Iba Arena, Stillwater, OK
Internet: ESPN3
Time: 8:00 PM CST

AP Rankings: Oklahoma State – N/A, Mizzou – #14
Pomeroy: Oklahoma State – #86, Mizzou – #22
Line: Missouri -2
Behind enemy lines: Rock M Nation

Well, I guess the first thing you should know is that Mizzou has two players who both shared a house with Paul Pressey for 18 years, so that’s kind of scary given what he used to do at Tulsa. They’ve been ridiculous at home, having won 48 of 50 on Norm Stewart Court, but on the road, they can be had. Losses at Colorado, at A&M, at Texas (an evisceration), and in Kansas City against Georgetown are the only blemishes on their mature tournament resume, but they might be reeling. First, Texas exposed them in basically every way you can be exposed on a college basketball court on Saturday. Now, they’ve embarked on what’s turned into an endless sojourn from Columbia to Stillwater over the last few days. Plus, they might be without their third leading scorer.

So we don’t exactly have the ’92 Dream Team waltzing into GIA on Wednesday night, and it’s a good thing too. OSU announced on Monday that it would open the arena to anyone who could make it out. That doesn’t exactly scream, “it’s gonna be rockin’ here tonight” but it’s a civil (and strategic) gesture by the athletic department nonetheless.

What I’m worried about:
This is a must must must must win for OSU and I’m not extremely confident they’re going to play like it. Every week Andy Glockner releases his tournament predictions on and has good wins and bad losses for each team. I’ve read every one of them and he always tries to sneak good wins in for OSU by saying things like, “shorthanded K-State?, Missouri State?” He’s right in his subtle humor too, OSU doesn’t have a good one yet. Well you can remove those question marks and file this one away in ink if OSU can pull it off.

Two random stats that (probably) only interest me:
Mizzou and Kansas are the only two schools in the Big 12 to be ranked within the AP top 15 every week of the year.

OSU is last in the Big 12 (behind Baylor) in assists/game by 2. Baylor’s players probably have trouble sharing a dorm room, much less the ball, this is embarrassing.

Video to get you ready:
Because it’s the greatest scene in all of sports (and because it’s even better when OU is involved):

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