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Pregaming – Texas




For entertainment purposes
Game tips at 8:00 CST and is (unfortunately) on ESPN2 for the entire nation to see as well as ESPN3 for those who only have access to a laptop. Texas is #3 in the AP and #4 at OSU is (obviously) not ranked and stumbles in at #82 at Mr. Pomeroy’s site. Texas is favored by 14.5. I’d probably give take them and give you 30 at this point.

Behind enemy lines
Burnt Orange Nation – you’ll have to wade through their football coaching mini-meltdown though.

Texas was finally challenged on Saturday by a team in Baylor who actually matches up pretty well with them athletically. In fact, I’m calling right now that the Bears are going to sully their bid for perfection on March 5 in Waco. I can’t say I won’t be excited to see what Lacedarius does for a postgame celebration either. We might see Aaron Rodgers’ title belt used in a very inappropriate way.

The 9-point win by the Horns actually snapped their “games won by double digits” streak at nine. It’s a little scary that they strung something like that together and OSU probably won’t win nine Big 12 games the entire year. As Berry Tramel hilariously stated after round one of this matchup, “that’s what happens when you have a basketball school going up against a football school.” Ahhh, only three weeks ’til Spring ball right? And, yes, I know I sound like an OU fan.

Texas has been profuse this year. And it all starts with their defense and (as much as this kills me to type) Dogus Balbay. Have we come to a definitive conclusion on why his name is pronounced “duge” (rhymes with luge) and not “doe-gus”? It’d be a lot easier and loads more fun if I got to say “doe-gus” for two halves and not “duge.” Anyway, Texas is leading the Big 12 in the following team statistics: Rebounds, FG against, FG % against, FT against, FT % against, 3PT FG against, and 3PT FG %. And none of them are even close.

OSU is going to have to be lights out to even be in it in the second half. And by lights out I mean we’re going to have to see something we haven’t seen all year. Like crazy stuff. I’m talking about Moses not missing a basket while in the state of Texas. I’m talking about JPO going to the line twenty times. I’m talking about Keiton just yanking from thirty-five feet every time down, something Travis Ford actually alluded in the paper yesterday on Monday when he said, “Whatever it is. Throw it to Marshall or let Keiton (Page) get 25 every night.” (News OK)

What I’m worried about
OSU recruits from Texas who have ESPN2 in their homes.

Two random stats that (probably) only interest me:
Texas is last in the Big 12 in field goals attempted. That’s incredible.

OSU has hit 39 threes in conference play. Keiton has 19 of them.

Video to get you ready
Not sure how “ready” this gets you but I thought you might enjoy some bonus footage of the best player in Big 12 history. To note in this video: that first half he had in Lawrence provoked me to write three different lengthy poetic pieces about him and his season (not kidding), the J he hits at 5:32 should not be allowed in collegiate athletics, and did Texas have some sort of contract where they had to play in every Western Conference NBA arena that year? There are like 3-4 alone depicted in this video…

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