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President Obama weighs in on Rickie Fowler’s wardrobe

The most powerful man in the world has noticed how Rickie Fowler dresses.



Rickie Fowler sort of hung out with Barack Obama recently. (Getty Images)

Rickie Fowler sort of hung out with Barack Obama recently. (Getty Images)

I’m trying to be fair with that headline because I don’t want it to seem like Fowler and Obama were tossing back Coronas while playing 36 at Bear’s Club in Florida.

However, they did run into each other during a recent Obama trip to Florida.

According to Tim Rosaforte of Golf World, Obama recently visited Butch Harmon (Fowler’s coach) for a quick golf lesson.

“Obama visited the Floridian two years ago for what proved to be his historic first round of golf with Tiger Woods.

“Awaiting Obama this time at Harmon’s learning center were Alonzo Mourning, Ray Allen and Ahmad Rashad. Also on the lesson tee were Harmon students Brooks Koepka and Rickie Fowler.

“The president knew his golf, telling Fowler he’d noticed a toning down of his wardrobe this year and congratulated Koepka for his win at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.”

I’m with Obama on this one. Fowler’s toning down of his Sunday gear has been immense. He’s challenging Oregon for weekend color combinations instead of just walking around like a pylon in golf shoes.

The best part of the entire thing? Harmon’s son, Claude told Obama to “lean to the left” a little when he was hitting.

Obama’s response: “That’s not something I hear too often.”

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