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Previewing the Big 12 Tournament



Here’s what the bracket looks like starting tomorrow in Kansas City…

If: OSU loses to Tech, a team that hasn’t won outside of Lubbock, Texas since December 1, then this season is much worse than I thought and Ford deserves to be put on the hot seat immediately.

Player: Royce White’s conference only averages? 13-9-6-1, as in he almost averaged a triple double in Big 12 play. If there’s one player not named Robinson that has the ability to take over KC, it’s him.

Quarterfinals: Baylor-Kansas State, I’m fascinated to see if Baylor’s highlighter unis send Frank Martin into an on-court seizure. There should be Vegas odds.

Semifinals: Baylor-Kansas could be outstanding…if Baylor can get past Kansas State. It’s so difficult to beat a team as talented as Baylor three times in a season [Scott Drew stares blankly ahead].

Finals: Mizzou-Kansas would be all-time. The rubber match in the series’ last game for the foreseeable on the border of Kansas and Missouri? Uh, yes, I want.

From OSU: I just want them to take a shot at Missouri in the second round. They almost bounced KU last year, but they also didn’t have Christien Sager as the second man off the bench.

If you’re going: per David Ubben and Travis Haney – Arthur Bryant’s, OK Joes, and Jack Stack are all must-visit BBQ spots.

Favorite Big 12 tourney memory: The ’07 tourney in OKC was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to. Nolo, Sheets, and I skipped an absurd amount of school that week driving back and forth to the tourney to watch KD put up 24 in the second half against Baylor to erase an 18-point deficit, see OSU squeak by A&M, watch JamesOn put up 24 in a defeat against the Horns in the semis, and then enjoy Durant’s 37 against KU in the championship which the Jayhawks won in OT.

It was awesome. I hope this year is half as fun.

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