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Putting some context around Desmond Roland’s day

Desmond Roland did something on Saturday that had only been done once in the Big 12 since 2000.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Desmond Roland put an exclamation point on the RB1 questions OSU had coming in to the Iowa State game and he did it in style.

How about 26 carries for 219 yards and four TDs?


That’s only happened twice by a running back in a Big 12 game since 2000.[1. My stat generator only goes back to 2000.]

1. Cedric Benson — 283 yards, 4 TDs against A&M in 2003
2. Desmond Roland — 219, 4 TDs against Iowa State in 2013

That’s it.

Also, here’s a list of Oklahoma State players who have rushed for at least four TDs in a single game:

1. Barry Sanders (7)
2. Thurman Thomas (3)
3. Joe Randle (2)
4. Terry Miller (1)
4. Aso Pogi (1)
4. Tatum Bell (1)
4. Desmond Roland (1)


This was a real thing. He had 15 for 30 and four TDs against Baylor in 2000. You can view it with your own eyes here.

It was also the first time OSU had a runner go over the 200-yard mark since Kendall Hunter did it against Nebraska in 2010. Randle had 199 against Texas last season.

And this, this is impressive. I don’t care who you’re playing.

Finally, this happened:

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