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QB Comps: Former Big 12 Vet Could be Spencer Sanders’ Future



After looking at Taylor Cornelius and transfer Dru Brown, it’s time to look at the future and freshman Spencer Sanders. To do so let’s draw from another Big 12 team and someone who had a lot of success in Morgantown.

Spencer Sanders – 6-2, 195

Player Comparison: Geno Smith

Breakdown: I think Russell Wilson is a good comparison for Sanders based on his high school tape, but similar to the Brown/Mayfield situation, it’s one I’ve heard before and I wanted to go in a different direction. Additionally, Wilson is only about 5-11, and with Sanders listed at 6-2, I wanted to compare him to a slightly taller quarterback.

Where I saw the first similarity between Geno Smith (6-3, 221 pounds) and Sanders is the that they are both mobile quarterbacks, who can make plays on the ground, but they have the arm strength to make all of the throws.

In addition, both quarterbacks have shown the tendency to let the ball float on them at times and make questionable decisions. However, they both throw very well on the run and being taller, stronger quarterbacks, are extremely hard to bring down in the open field.

Smith is about an inch taller and has a little over 20 pounds on the young Cowboy quarterback, but with Sanders only being a freshman, I think he could definitely get close to Smith’s 220 before he leaves Stillwater.

On film, Sanders and Smith show great anticipation on throws over the middle and hit their receivers in stride.

Sanders is also capable of keeping plays alive with his feet and finding the open receiver as the coverage breaks down. This has been a common theme for all of our QB comps, and I think it’s a strength of all three OSU quarterbacks.

Both players also have great speed. I think Sanders is faster and a better athlete, but Smith has some wheels as well. The Oklahoma State coaching staff will most likely use more designed runs for Sanders than teams have done with Smith, but both of them can make plays with their feet.

That concludes QB comp week on PFB. These are fun to think about and project current OSU QBs as we try and look into the future to hold what they could potentially become against what they already are.

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