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Ragusa: Ranking the Best Five Uniforms of 2017

Dustin Ragusa goes old school with his Top 5 unis from 2017.



When I was asked to rank my top five jerseys from last season, I was all for it. I’m a big-time jersey guy, probably way more than any grown man should be, so this is right up my alley. Before I start, I’m not a huge fan of the barbed wire helmets or the tri-color look, so you won’t see those crack my list. With that said, here’s my top five uniform combinations from last season.

5. White/White/White – West Virginia
washington mccleskey


I really like the solid color look, so the all-white had to be in my top five. I’m not a big fan of the gigantic Pistol Pete helmet decal. However, I am a fan of the helmet stripe and the chrome face mask. In addition, if I must choose a gigantic Pete helmet, I’ll take the white over the orange. I also really like the white jersey, and the white pants are my favorite.

4. White/Black/White – Virginia Tech
mason rudolph


Just a heads up, every uni combo on my list except for one has the white pants. I loved this look from the bowl game. I’m glad they decided to go with the black face mask on the full body Pistol Pete helmet to complement the black jerseys and refrained from using the orange face mask we had seen earlier in the season. The black jerseys are awesome as well. Honestly, I don’t have a big issue with any of the three jersey colors.

3. White/Orange/White – Tulsa

tyron johnson

This is pretty much the same combo as above but with the orange jersey. The orange jersey is my favorite, so it narrowly edged out the combo from the bowl game. Also, white/orange/white is my favorite combo (spoiler alert). The classic combinations are always going to be near the top of the list for me.

When it comes to uniforms, I’m partial to the classics. Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, USC, etc. So, I think this color combo is always going to be in my top five. I do really like some of the helmets the Cowboys have unveiled over the past few seasons, and I’m a fan of the full body Pistol Pete helmet.

2. Black/Black/Black – OU

a.j. green

All-black at Bedlam was awesome. I was happy when I saw this helmet instead of the barbed wire. I’m a New Orleans Saints fan, and, even though I love the gold pants, I’ve always really enjoyed when they go with the black jersey, black pants combo, and I feel the same way when Oklahoma State throws on this look. Additionally, OU wearing the white jersey and white pants against the all-black was a great uniform matchup.

1. White/Orange/White – Baylor


Give me anything and everything throwback. Any time the Cowboys bring out an old school style helmet, I’m all in. Give me a throwback in any sport, Denver Nuggets skyline jerseys, Toronto Raptors with the raptor on it, Los Angeles Chargers baby blues, New England Patriots red jerseys, Atlanta Hawks with the hawk on it… I’ll take them all. Okay, maybe not Green Bay’s, but I’m a huge fan of most throwbacks. The throwback helmet along with the classic white/orange/white combo had to be my number one.

P.S. – My favorite helmet, besides the throwbacks, is the one shown below. I would be fine with the Cowboys wearing this most of the time and then maybe a full body Pistol Pete, a marshal badge and a throwback for homecoming. I’m sure there will be helmets unveiled in the next couple of years which I like just as much, so I’m fine with seeing new stuff, but just saying… this one is my personal favorite.

mason rudolph


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