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Ranking The 2016 Oklahoma State Uniform Combinations



Big thanks to Chris Knox for his excellent work in throwing together these graphics for our annual uni review. They’re pretty incredible. We each picked our top three for the year and discussed them a little bit below.

First up, Carson Cunningham.

Carson Cunningham

Kyle and I have talked all year how solid the uniform combos have been this season, but picking my top three proved difficult. I liked a lot of them, didn’t necessarily LOVE any of them due mostly to the helmet choices. As my Dad famously said on the podcast, “GIMME THE BRAND.” However, it is important to remember how far we have come. Remember when a black brand on the standard white helmet was groundbreaking?

So, without further ado…

1. Texas

I’m a sucker for all-black. I make no bones about it. There’s not a meaner look in sport. Also, since black is a school color, OSU is one of those rare schools who can do this with pride (unlike you, Baylor). The marshal badge made its debut this season and I must say it really grew on me. It’s clean and synonymous with the Cowboys moniker. It’s surpassed any version of Pete in the helmet logo department.

2. Alamo Bowl

As much as I don’t like how busy the Ed Hardy Barbed Wire helmet is, there’s not a more “OSU” look than black, white, orange. I would’ve liked to see the matte black helmet (which went MIA this season) but this combo is still legit.

I didn’t think I would have this combo in my top three when I sat down to write this. So even as I mourn the loss of the matte black helmet (my personal favorite) I can see the big picture. Namely, the orange pants really shine here. They were already the best article in the arsenal and they were improved in 2016. They pop in person and on TV.

3. TCU

Of all the changes to the uniforms, the switch to black numbers on the white jerseys was easily the best. It pairs so well with the black pants it almost makes them a package deal. Once again, more love for the marshall badge helmet even at the expense of the brand.

Since we’re here: We only saw the brand one time this season. That was in the season opener against SE Louisiana. Is the badge “the” logo moving forward? Or were they just switching things up? Definitely something to look forward to next year. Hopefully for my dad’s sake they ride with the brand more next season

One last note: I pick nits on the helmets but I can’t stress enough how much I loved the new numerals and the “Cowboys” on the pants. They are exquisite. All in all, Oklahoma State has made The Leap in the uniform game. The 2016 modifications were big improvements. It seems like every game something new is unveiled which is exciting and something to look forward to in 2017.

Kyle Porter

Barbed wire lids aside, I thought OSU was elite in the uni game this year. All 1,932 Twitter accounts that cover college football uniforms gave them a nod as a top five team in the uni game, and they deserved it. The blend of modern and throwback, orange and gray, colorful and tasteful — they are rocking it in the uni dept. right now. My only hope? Don’t go full 2016 Oregon and take it a step too far.

1. Homecoming

I’m weak. That helmet! That combo! It doesn’t get any better than that for me. This might be the best combination OSU has worn in the Gundy era.

2. SE Louisiana

This was my second-favorite helmet of the season, and I thought it was a crime that OSU didn’t go back to it. Orange chrome brand on a white lid with a stripe down the middle? Are you kidding me? I loved the way the orange tops popped with a white helmet or the white pants, and what has become the traditional, boring home-opening uniform was actually one of the best they wore all year.

3. Central Michigan

It’s weird that OSU used two of its three best combinations on the first two games of the year, but here we are. The gray pants are tremendous, and I love them with the black-black look up top. The only way this could have been made better is to take Pete off that lid and replace it with the marshal badge or the brand. Otherwise, this is an awesome college football uniform.

Justin Southwell

1. Homecoming

This was easily the best tri-color combo we have worn to date. I’m not sure why we didn’t see this in the older template, but they made up for it by wearing this and beating WVU in a tri-color combo of their own (uni matchup of the year, by the way). The helmet decals, socks, and cleats pushed this combo over the top. It was elite.

2. Texas

Maybe it was because of the way we looked while dominating Texas. Maybe it was because of the way Vincent Taylor looked while executing the pitch to perfection. Maybe it was the jersey number outline reflection in the tunnels as the players were taking the field.

Maybe it was the way the chrome stripe and badge logo tied in with the black uniforms better than any other combo. Whatever the reason, this was an easy pick for a top three combo.

3. SE Louisiana

The fact that this helmet was only worn once and the Orange Chrome Pete was worn multiple times confuses me. It was my favorite helmet this season. This might not be my favorite color combo of the year, but seeing the brand logo and the classic look of W/O/W is enough for this combo to crack the top three.

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