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Ranking Oklahoma State’s Chances to Land College Gameday



College football will return in just a few weeks, and with it comes everyone’s favorite way to start their Saturday: ESPN’s College Gameday.

It’s always fun to start your football Saturday with Rece Davis, Herbie, Desmond, and of course Corso. What makes the show most fun is that they broadcast live from college campuses. It’s always a big deal to have Lee Corso pick your team and throw on the mascot’s head (or pick against you.)

Who doesn’t love seeing this?

So far, Oklahoma State has hosted Gameday five times, with the last coming in 2015 for Bedlam. Gameday also aired from Stillwater in 2004, 2008, and 2010 for Bedlam, and in 2013 for the match-up with Baylor. They were also at Oklahoma State’s 2014 opener against Florida State at AT&T Stadium.

So that got me to thinking, with expectations what they are in Stillwater this year, and with Gameday completely skipping the Big 12 last season, there’s a good chance the ESPN crew makes a stop in Stillwater this season. With that in mind, which game would be OSU’s best chance?

Let’s look at six of OSU’s home games to decide which one is most likely to lure Gameday:

#6: Tulsa — August 31, 2017

You’d think I’d pick Kansas in this spot, but nope. OSU opens the season at home on a Thursday night in what is now being called the Bank of Oklahoma Turnpike Classic. This isn’t out because it’s on Thursday or because OSU is playing Tulsa, it’s because we already know that Gameday is going to be at Ohio State at Indiana the same night.

Other options: Ohio State at Indiana

#5: Kansas — November 25, 2017

There’s the Jayhawks. This is OSU’s final regular season game. Unless both teams are somehow undefeated, this isn’t happening. Kansas has only ever appeared in one other Gameday; When the 2nd-ranked Jayhawks faced No. 3 Missouri in Kansas City.

other options: let’s be honest, we all know it’s going to be Alabama at Auburn

#4: Baylor — October 14, 2017

I just can’t see Gameday rewarding Baylor with an appearance whether it’s at their stadium or another. Plus, this team isn’t winning the Big 12 this year (and might not beat Duke for that matter).

Other options: Utah at USC, Arkansas at Alabama, OU vs Texas, Ohio State at Nebraska

#3: Kansas State — November 18, 2017

While I do think KSU is going to have a good season, it’s going to take a match-up of top-10 teams for this one to happen. It’s also more likely Gameday shows up for Bedlam two weeks prior to this one. All that being said, there’s not a great selection of options this week, so it might only take one of the two teams being top-10, and the other in the top 15 to make this happen. Of course, ESPN could chose this to be the week they head off to an FCS game like they’ve done the past few years.

Now, if Snyder announces this is his final season the week before this game happens, move this game to the top of the list!

Other options: UCLA at USC, Michigan at Wisconsin

#2: Oklahoma — November 4, 2017

You’d think this would be number one on the list. Nope. While there is a good chance that both teams are in the top 15, I have a sneaky suspicion that both will have lost a game by now. Yes, that includes OSU. (That October stretch just looks more and more brutal every time I glance at it.)

Now, there is a good chance that both teams are top-10. If that’s the case, this happens, if for no other reason than this game isn’t the last of the season like it has been the past few years.

Other options: Penn State at Michigan State, LSU at Alabama, Auburn at Texas A&M, Texas at TCU

#1 TCU: September 23, 2017

Yep. Texas Christian. Hear me out. There is a very good chance that when the Cowboys and Horned Frogs meet, both teams will be 3-0. Granted, both will have to escape difficult road games in the first three weeks of the season for that to happen; OSU at Pittsburgh in week 3 and TCU at Arkansas in week 2. If that happens, both teams should be ranked with Oklahoma State likely in the top 10.

I realize this is a bit of a gamble, as Oklahoma State has only hosted one, non-Bedlam Gameday, but the Big 12 is due, and if the league can get some Power-5 wins to start the season, they’ll be rewarded.

Other options: Notre Dame at Michigan, Arkansas vs. Texas A&M, Washington at Colorado, Penn State at Iowa

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