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Ranking Oklahoma State’s Non-Conference Basketball Schedule



Oklahoma State will play 13 non-conference basketball games this year and some very good ones at that. Let’s rank them from No. 1 to No. 13 in terms of excitement level. preseason ranking for each team in parentheses.

1. UConn (41) (Hawaii)

By far the most anticipated game of the non-conference schedule. I remember Doug Gottlieb telling me how important Hawaii was and how important it was to go out there and play well and not embarrass yourself. Oklahoma State will certainly have the competition to see where it stands nationally.

2. Oregon (6) or Tennessee (99) or Wisconsin (8) or Georgetown (29) (Hawaii)

This will be the third round Hawaii game depending on how the first two rounds go. I’d love to go at any of these teams but especially Wisconsin or Georgetown.

3. Arkansas (53)

This one is a bigger deal to me even though the Maryland game is probably a bigger deal nationally. We should play Arkansas more in basketball. We should play Arkansas more in football. We should play Arkansas more in baseball.

It’s a crime that we never got a Rotnei Clarke-Keiton Page duel for the keys to every town in Oklahoma that isn’t Oklahoma City and Tulsa!

This game will be part of the Big 12-SEC challenge at the end of January.

4. at Maryland (48)

College Park. On the same day as Bedlam. Have mercy. We get to see Melo Trimble but unfortunately don’t get a shot at Diamond Stone who is currently with the LA Clippers.

5. UNC (5) or Chaminade (NR) (Hawaii)

If it’s UNC, this goes to No. 1. If it’s Chaminade, this goes to T9 with the rest.

6. at Wichita State (34)

Hard to believe playing Wichita State in Wichita is No. 6 (!) on this list, but that’s where we’re at in society. It would be really fun to watch Underwood take down Gregg Marshall and his $3M contract.

7. at Tulsa (104)

I hate this game. It’s not seen as a good win (even though it is), but it is seen as a bad loss (even though it isn’t). I also don’t like going there.

8. A&M Corpus Christi (202)

This is the end of the competitive outings.

T9. New Orleans (296)
T9. Campbell (314)
T9. Central Arkansas (332)
T9. Arkansas-Pine Bluff (345)
T9. Rogers State (NR)

The other five are a smorgasbord of poo which is probably a good thing considering all the big-boy games Oklahoma State will take on before the Big 12 starts.

I think 9-4 or better is an incredible non-con record. If you do that against this slate and then go 9-9 in the Big 12, you’re probably in the NCAA Tournament. An 8-5 mark is all right. Once you get into the 7-6 or worse range, that’s not great.

It should be a super exciting November/December for Oklahoma State fans who have not been used to such a thing very often in the last decade. And if OSU can somehow upset the Fightin’ Kevin Ollies in Hawaii, whoooo boy, it’s going to be game on.

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